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Cas is currently

As mentioned in my previous post, the Sunday Roast is getting a new format.

Each Sunday, I will post a link to the appropriate page. You can then browse through the links at your hearts content. You can also subscribe to the sundayroast RSS feed (linked to in the sidebar), which will let you have each new item as I add it.

I am investigating methods of getting just that weeks items to show, but for now, each week keep going till you see something familiar. I will indicate roughly how many I’ve added that week so you can adjust the ‘view items’ appropriately. I might end up re-tagging old sundayroast items with a new tag ‘leftovers’ at the end of the week as a pointer, but who knows. Also, each ‘Sunday Roast’ post will have just that starting the title, so when you scroll through archives (who knows, the urge might take you) you can find them easily.

This week there are 45 items. Isn’t social computing fun?

Feedback please!