remember when we used to use real citizens?

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Ok, I’m not sure why I decided to do this, other than that Moose ambushed me with it late at night when I had spent most of the day writing a chapter entitled ‘The Theories Behind Electronic Publication’ . *1*

Racing Frogs.

Yes, you heard me, Racing Frogs. You create a frog, feed it, train it, be nice to it, and then at night it goes off and races other frogs. It will (apparently) be sending me an email every morning after a race, telling me how it went. I am sure as our relationship develops my frog will soon be letting me in on all the juicy gossip from the after-race parties, and asking my advice on this cute boy-frog from the next pond over…

I think it goes without saying that this is done on the Internet.

So, I started a frog, and will keep you updated on her progress. I thought it might be something nice that we can all do together, me and my blog minions…

Name: Lara Croak
Sex: Female
Pond: Stumpy Creek
Age: Young Hopper (3 days)
Grade: 1
Potential: 17.67
Todays form: 6 – feeling fine today
Fitness: 253
(Speed – 121
Strength – 62
Stamina – 24
Hopping – 46)
Contentment: 160
Owns: 2 items
(Pogo stick,
Anti Pike Transmitter)
Diet: standard
Medals: none
Lara Croak

Go, get your own frog here, make sure they join the Stump Creek Pond, and our frogs can race.

*1*Yes, as boring as it sounds.Back
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