a trip to banana republic would have killed you?

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Last Saturday (the 19th), the Cute Canadian and myself took ourselves off up to London for the day. The trip was originally planned to celebrate my freedom from that hell known as “thesis”, and three months managing not to kill each other. Due to my total inadequacy and inability to finish what I bloody well started over six months ago now (ARG!), we came to a mutual agreement that, ok it wasn’t time to celebrate yet, but I still needed a day off before my head exploded.

We took in the British Library, the British Museum, the London Eye, and Polar Express in 3D at the IMAX. All in 9 hours. Oh, and we found time for some lovely food too at Azzurro, though by the time we ate I was so tired I think a Big Mac would have tasted good to me.

We had a wonderful time and, whilst it probably served the opposite purpose of de-stressing me because now I am even more behind and panicked, I wouldn’t have not gone. We even rode the tube an extra stop so I could get off at Mornington Crescent and get my picture take by a sign. I have no excuse other than that I grew up listening to Radio 4 and “I’m Sorry I Haven’t A Clue“. (If you are still baffled, and you will be, read this article, then give up and just listen to a show. Trust me, you will laugh if you have one iota of humour in your body).

I have uploaded some of the better pictures to Flickr, and the set can be found here. You can also find them under the tag londontrip2005.

My favourite of all of them, though I can’t put into words why, is this one:

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If you are ever in London, I really would recommend a trip on the Eye. I’ve been twice now and loved it both times. Do book online before hand, because it will cut a good 30 minutes off your queueing time, and you can specify (roughly) what flight you would like. One word of warning though, even if you book in advance you will be standing in a queue to board for about 30 minutes. The line moves quickly, and there’s plenty to see if you like people watching, but you will be standing. If you have any elderly/young/infirm in your party, I would suggest paying that little extra and getting a fast-track ticket, or investing in a shooting stick. The views are worth it though, and if you can time it for dusk, do so – beautiful.