maybe I could learn something if I beat you about the head with a sturdy ladle?

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I was wondering what to talk about in this mornings blog post, then this post from Improbulus popped up via RSS, and I thought why not? So I plugged Bright Meadow’s URL into the Marketleap Link Popularity Check tool et voila, 458 links found.

Ok, so that only classes me as a “limited presence” but phooey to that.

Going into the results in more depth (oh, come on, you’d do the same!) I found two links I wasn’t expecting – one from a blog post back in 2002 thanking my site for emailing him some links (needless to say, not me, but proof that blogspot recycles domains), and the other from CNET.

I had been wondering why a lot of people had been coming to view my little grump about Google Print, and this would probably explain it. In CNETs piece “Reaction mixed on Google Print beta, mine is the third “blog community response”.

Now, of course, this is a huge ego boost. A fair few people out there commented on Google Print, yet what I had to say was one of the few responses chosen. I wasn’t misquoted or even quoted out of context. The journalist took a few moments at least to scan the article and pull out (one of) the more pertinent paragraphs. Still, I am a little on edge because it has illustrated a point I made a while ago – referencing something someone said without contacting them. I had no idea I’d been linked to by CNET, and would probably still be in the dark if I hadn’t done a quick vanity search this morning. It’s a common enough reporting practice in blog-land, one I am all too guilty of myself, but when you’re on the receiving end it does make you stop for a moment and think.

Still, on the whole I am just a teeny bit smug. You write the words, then let them go off on their own into the big wide Internet, and it’s a pleasure to get proof that a few are doing rather well for themselves.

Now, if you will excuse me, my ego is now nicely stroked, and I really should be trying to hammer out an introduction and conclusion for the TFH (thesis from hell). I am not sure how well this is going to go, because I had a mammoth 15 minute session with the counsellor this morning (ten minutes of which were spent in silence), which has left me in tears of anger and frustration, shaking from head to foot with the desire to strangle the woman, and having changed counsellors. Still these things are sent to try us, what doesn’t kill us makes us stronger, and all that.

When to tell the godhead that this thesis has actually broken me?

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