don’t try to solve serious matters in the middle of the night.

Cas is currently… rain smilie

Todays Sunday Roast will be, I am afraid, a short one. I can’t even vouch for it’s quality. Things have been… not fun… this week at Meadow Towers and this has impinged on my cooking abilities it seems (just how far can I stretch this roast dinner metaphor before it cracks under the strain, do you think?).
Still, eat up, and don’t forget the leftovers if you have room at the end.

Web 2.0 – A good appraisal of what Web 2.0 is, its bad points as well as its good points.

Door thwarts quick exit for Bush . Thanks to Minion Moose for this one. Made my morning.

Google and Anonymity.
With the related – GoogleAnon.

Go Flock Yourself. Yes, that is the tag line of the blog The sheer vitriolic glee with which this blog is written is just making me salivate. This is one time you really don’t have to agree with what someone is saying to enjoy how they are saying it. And, you know, there’s been an awful lot of tosh spoken about Web 2.0 – it’s about time somebody stepped up to the plate and said “Hang on, you bunch of lemmings…”

Open Web Design. So I find a design I like… and no longer have a site for it. Lol. Anyway, there’s some pretty shiny designs here, all available free to download etc. Hence the name of the site! Useful resource.

Meebo. An intriguing little something to play with – a totally web-based IM client that lets you sign into existing accounts (ie MSN). Not played with it really as I can’t spare the time to chat to people, but it looks exciting. Especially if you are on networked computers you can’t download messenger/AIM/insert-IM-client-here for whatever reason (ie school/library). Still alpha, but keep an eye on it.

Xmas light video. The word you are looking for is “why”?

Royal Society: rent-seeking is more important than science. Keen blog-watchers might have notice this appear in the research-stream in the sidebar on Saturday, but I thought it was important enough to Roast it as well, just to make sure you saw it. I could rant away for hours, but Cory has pretty much said all I want to say, so I’ll leave it to him.

A Consuming Experience: Playing MP3s on your blog: beginners’ introduction. There’s been some excitment about this, so I thought I would point out this handy ‘how to’ guide. I would, however, draw your attention to the bit about legality?