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Cas is currently… cool smilie at life

So I’m writing this using the new version of Firefox I was having trouble downloading this morning.

On my way back from the hardware store (needed a new bulb for the kitchen) I had a brainwave – sure enough, I was right. You can download the new version of FF, but you need to download it using FF in the first place. Try to download it from Safari, and all you get is the dmg file trying to open up in the browser window. Not good. Let’s hope they get that little bug sorted before too many switchers are put off.
Here, use our wonderful product we’ve been telling you is so much better than what you are currently using… Oh, but you have to use our new product to get our new product….

Yup. Something went wrong along the way there.

I’ve taken the plunge and made firefox my default now. I’ll let you know how I get along with it. First mission – to find a theme that is less cutesy and teletubby land! I had the slick ‘silverskin’ theme for the previous version, but that’s currently broken, and I do NOT like the default theme.


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