pinkness is one of the basic forces of the universe, after all

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I’m sitting here typing this post very slowly with lots of mistakes – these two sentences have taken near two minutes. The reason for this is not a new outbreak of RSI, though you would be excused for so thinking. Rather it is a french manicure that is so severely hampering my daily activities.

I was renowned through most of my scholastic career for being a biter. I am ashamed of this, but there you go, it’s about time some of my dirty little secrets got aired on the blog. I didn’t just bite the nails like your normal biter – I had to go one better and chew the skin around the nail as well. Disgusting habit really. I tried over and over again to stop, tried every trick in the book, but in the end what worked was just looking at the ragged stumps of my fingers one day and going “Ick. I’m going to stop doing that”. And I did stop. I have barely bitten or chewed for over a year now.

Sadly, years of such abuse doesn’t leave your nails and fingers in much of a fit state, and it has taken them near a year to heal to something approaching normal. Here’s what they don’t tell you about biting/chewing – do it for long enough and it can actually permanently deform the nail-bed. These last few months though, they have started to look almost decent, so today I figured I would give myself an early Christmas present, and got myself a professional manicure. The reasoning being that it will be easier to keep them looking in a professionally-tended state, than get them to that state in the first place on my own.

Very nice they look too.

Thing is, and they also don’t tell you this, is that freshly manicured nails suddenly become precious and needy, like a spoiled child. Just putting on your nice winter scarf is good for getting bits of green wool stuck to the surface and needing a five minute touch up job. Getting your keys out of your bag is a procedure suddenly fraught with danger. Even making a humble cup of tea makes you stop and go “is this really necessary”.

Put it this way – I’ve been home under an hour and already I’ve chipped two (luckily only minor chips I can repair). I don’t hold out much hope of the polish lasting the 5 to 7 days the slightly dippy brunette (oh, for the humour I so wish she’d been blonde) who did them claimed. I’ll be lucky if they make it to the end of the week. But however long they last, I will know I had them done. I know my nails can look all posh and grown up, so I will have a reason to keep them looking nice.

Well, that’s the theory.

And, with that, I will stop talking about my nails. That post was almost girly enough to warrant me changing the colour scheme to a nice Barbie-pink. An ultra-geeky tech post next, promise, just to reassure you that the strain of designing a new site hasn’t broken me 😉

9 thoughts on “pinkness is one of the basic forces of the universe, after all

  1. Yup.
    Barbie pink.
    I can feel it calling to me.
    bar… bie… bar… bie… come on cas, you know you really really want to… bar… bie… bar… bie… bar… bie… piiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiinK!

  2. 😮 Have Mercy! I still haven’t gotten over the trauma of Jess’ site when she went pink.

    *starts gibbering in the corner*


  3. RIB, you should know by now, never, ever, ever dare Cas to do something. You just might not like the results.

    And you know, strangely, it’s working for me…

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