Wow. Moving your blog to a new domain is one sure fire way of completely removing your presence from the web. In one fell swoop, my Google page rank has dropped from a slightly-alive 3 to a very-very dead zero. Ditto my Technorati presence (9 to nil).

This is a general call to everyone out there – if you have a link to me please can you update it? It’s most likely going to be in a linkroll you’ve forgotten about, or on some ‘about’ page.

I’m not saying that I used to have a *large* web presence, but, well, I wouldn’t mind getting back to where I was before 🙂

5 thoughts on “Ouch!

  1. Yay! :clap_tb:

    (Sorry, downloading new plugins to play with… Expect an outbreak of smilies for the next couple of days till the novelty wears off)

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