The important thing is not to stop questioning

Ok, how many people live in Antarctica? Seriously, I am curious, because my host-stats include a breakdown of traffic from the continent of Antarctica. Not surprisingly, I have no people visiting me from Antarctica. I have one person from Nambia, another from the Sudan, and 6 from Uruguay (I like the name of Uruguay), but none from the frozen polar wastes. Odd, that. The Arctic doesn’t have a column, so why should the Antarctic?

If, by some very very odd coincidence, I now have readers reading this from some Antarctic research station, then hello! I was wrong, quite clearly. Oh, and can you get me a picture of some penguins?

2 thoughts on “The important thing is not to stop questioning

  1. Ok, so technically the Arctic isn’t a continent, so it doesn’t deserve it’s own column, but… You know what I’m trying to say, right?

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