yoghurt covered pretzels The Cute Canadian has his moments, the latest being when he braved blizzard conditions to tromp into Toronto to get me some yoghurt covered pretzels, and mailed them to me to arrive in time for Christmas.

Don’t ask me to explain yoghurt covered pretzels to you. I tried on as a dare on time when I was visiting Brother Dearest in NY, and I got hooked. I think it’s one of those Marmite things – you either love them, or you hate them. They are also impossible to find in this country. Not “get them in a specialist store in London” impossible. “Google can’t find what you are looking for” impossible.

Always one to try and find the silver lining in every situation, I decided that the CC having to return to his native land for a short while was an excellent opportunity to feed my craving for salty, yoghurt-covered goodness. (OY! No, not like that you dirty minded so and so’s!)

A huge box of them arrived this morning, and I am having to restrain myself from gobbling the entire lot in one go. Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm…

*does the Homer-drool*

(And yes, odd choice of Technorati tags, and very ugly formatting, but I want to check two things before I add them to the template proper. (1) how well this new Perfomancing extension works, and (2) if Technorati likes my new blog anymore than the old, and is indexing my tags yet.)

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