Start as you mean to go on.

Well, you had to do without a SundayRoast last week, what with it being Christmas an all, so I hope you have a hearty appetite for today’s main meal. Seeing as how it is a new year, I have decided that from now on the SundayRoasts will be smaller, but more perfectly formed. Truly the best of the best. For other things that caught my eye, but that didn’t quite make the grade, keep an eye (as always) on the leftovers feed.

Boing Boing: Couple spends 28.5 years repainting baseball, now 119″ circumference – You do have to ask yourself why…

DIY Metal Chess Figures – oh so pretty! I didn’t get a new chess set for Christmas this year (despite dropping hints the size of that big painted baseball). Perhaps I can make myself one like this to make up for the lack?

Customizing K2: Part 2 at – Most of this stuff I already know, and most of the rest of it I actually enjoy working out for myself (I am sad like that), but there are one or two very handy tips in this article, and other articles that Paul writes. Yet one more case of “I could write a how-to myself, but why bother when someone else has already done a much better job of it”.

A Consuming Experience: Backlinks etc: links to Delicious bookmarks of your posts . Some more handy snippets of code if you don’t want to faff around working it out for yourself.

turquoise & diamond quartz stone chunky ring. So far out of my price range it might as well be on Mars, this ring is just to die for. Thanks to Kim for finding it, and other, beautiful things to look at.

BBC NEWS – Post service opens to competition. This is NOT, I repeat NOT an excuse to send your post, business or otherwise, via TNT. TNT suck. Every single item I have ever had delivered by TNT has (1) been lost – when this is a £2000 PowerBook it suddenly becomes not funny, (2) delayed, (3) broken on arrival, and (4) necessitated me dealing with their customer service staff who think that customer service is a rarely visited village in Outer Mongolia. Don’t, if you value your sanity and post, use TNT.

Working at the PC Isn’t So Lonely Anymore – New York Times. I have one or two issues with the tone of this article, mainly the one that bit that implies this piece of software does something new. It doesn’t. There are many other programmes and applications out there that do exactly the same thing, better than NoteShare. Still, I guess it brings all such things to the attention of general readers, not just the geeks, so I’ll get off my hobby horse now.

Interactive Nature of Browser Colors Past and Future. This one’s been sitting in my research and need to read delicious queue for a while now, so you might have already seen it if you subscribe to them. (Does anyone subscribe to them? Links can be found on the Links page if you are interested). This is an article I think I am going to be going back to a few more times yet, just to work out the kinks in my brain. Not exactly indepth, but a good starting point, and poses some questions.

Archive the year | The Apple Core | Some good tips. Now all I need is to get me a dvd burner 😛 I think it would just be easier to get that external harddrive I’ve got my eye on…

Shiny Shiny: Thermometer Earrings. They dangle. I’m hooked!

Halley’s Comment: Touchy Subject: Guest Bloggers. I feel pretty much the same way. I go to blogs because I like how the blogger writes. There is too much good content out there to put up with it being badly written. There will be someone else writing about the same subject better. I am fine with multi-author blogs, so long as it is clear that a blog is multi authored. If it’s normally just you, and you get a guest in, do as Halley says and make it clear who they are and how long they are around for! Please!

ThinkGeek :: Set Of Circuitboard Coasters. I never understood coasters until I had to live in rented accommodation with a Nazi-in-training landlord who’s pet hate was water marks. Coasters became my new best friend. Even now, when it’s my own furniture I’m trashing, I still find myself using coasters. (There is no hope for me, I will end up the little old cat lady). My inner geek is thinking that these pretties are really rather, well, pretty!