Day Two – and I am doing this because?

ingredients for smoothie - click to see bigger on Flickr Today, so far (it’s lunch time), has been remarkably healthy. The day started at the ungodly hour of 8.30 with a cup of tea and a banana, before Moose and myself dragged each other up to the gym. We even walked there and back! I dusted off the exercise plan that I got back at the end of August, hopped on the machines, and decided to teach my body who’s boss.

For my records, and your curiosity

  • Weight: 82 kg, which is 10 kilos more than I was last time I went to the gym. Damn it! I put on more than I’d thought.
  • Bike: Alpine pass; level 2; 15 minutes; 3.76 miles
  • Rowing machine: 2500 m; level 6; 15.07.3 minutes

Next aerobic time it is the X-Trainer (and we all know how much I hate them), on Trail blazer, level 1, for 15 minutes, and the Rowing machine again.

I actually feel quite good right now – tired, but all exercised. Tomorrow, I am going to be in serious pain, I can tell. Well, next time I go to the gym, it’s all resistance, and predominantly on the arms, so my legs can have a rest. Ug. This whole health kick really is hard work!

If you care to look at this comment from JB, you will see a suggestion for a smoothie. Seeing no reason why not to, I tried it today on return from the gym, though with two bananas not three, and plain yoghurt. Verdict? Not bad, not bad at all. It needed… something… possibly another fruit alongside the banana, or a different yoghurt, and I’m not totally sold on the idea of drinking my breakfast (I like to get my teeth into something), but it’s early days yet. Experimenting is half the fun 🙂

Right, I’m now off to undergo the unique torture that is trying to find a swimsuit. Fun :S

3 thoughts on “Day Two – and I am doing this because?

  1. Ungodly bearing in mind it is a Saturday, I still think like a student, and that I don’t like getting up in the morning.

    My blog, therefore 8.30 shall be known for ever more as an ungodly hour. So there 😛

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