RSS Icons

One of my pet peeves about RSS is that there has been no standard icon to represent the feed. For a while, it looked like the ugly orange ‘xml’ box would win, and Apple tried for a while with their nice blue RSS in a box, but consensus on the web seems to be settling on the concentric arcs familiar to Firefox users if nothing else.

I’ve bitten the bullet and now Bright Meadow is all standardised with its RSS icons. Just because Microsoft is doing something doesn’t necessarily make it right, but there’s starting to be enough impetus behind this move now to make me think ok, why not?

So, in the ‘Meta’ section, the little ‘rss’ buttons (that I was quite fond of) have now been replaced with the blue rss icon graphic. I just couldn’t quite face the orange, so I photoshopped them to better fit the colour scheme.

See more about the standardisation on Improbulus’ post, “Feeds: new standard feed icon at last “.

And if you need a set in a colour scheme to match your blog but can’t face photoshop yourself, contact me and I’ll be happy to help 🙂

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