Sunday Roast – it’s always a good day when you see Daniel Craig’s naked bum

Before I start with the ‘Roast, I have a tip for you – if your daily bowl contains citrus fruit of any kind, brush your teeth after eating your breakfast. If, like me this morning, you just have to get rid of that morning-mouth before you can face a cup of tea let alone healthy food, wait a decent interval between brushing and munching. An hour later I was still going 😛 😛 to try and get rid of the fluoride/citrus conflict.

Boing Boing: Head-tripping four-eyes image. I’m not sure why, but I honestly can’t look at this image for more than a milli-second before my brain tries to turn itself insideout and my eyeballs explode.

hanzo:web. A kind of mutant love-child of and Internet Archive (or so it seems). I bring it to you because this kind of thing might work for you. I’ve signed up for an account so I will have a play and let you know more. At the moment though, I am not sure it does what it claims to do well enough to make me want to switch…

Adobe Labs – Project: Lightroom. Adobe have released a beta version of a new piece of photo software that has me going all goosepimply. Download the beta version free (requires a registration process) so you can have a play. You can rest assured I will be playing and let you know what I think. There is also a good introduction to be found here.
NB – The beta version expires when the program is commercially released, so if you are afraid you might fall in love with the program, and then not be able to afford the price tag (I saw a figure of around $400), then it might be an idea to steer clear! Also, beta version is currently Mac OS X only.

BBC NEWS – Ikea targeting British expansion. I must admit I am a fan of Ikea. The sofabed I got four years ago has done me Stirling service – for two years as a divinely comfortable bed, and since then as a great sofa. So when the time came to furnish Meadow Towers on a small budget, Ikea seemed like the obvious choice, barring the fact neither Moose nor myself have a car and that the nearest Ikea is 2 hours drive away (at least). So the thought of home delivery… Exciting! (At the same time, I do agree that it might not be a great thing that Ikea is taking over the world…)

MacBook Pro. My PowerBook is slowly starting to show it’s age. Things aren’t quite so zippy as they once were. It’s got a couple of scratches and bruises from a couple of years of dedicated service. I do love my 12″ G4. Nicknamed the ‘pocket calculator’, it has engendered much envy among coursemates over the years. I keep looking at it and can’t believe a working computer can exist in such a small, sleek, slab of titanium. I wouldn’t want to trade it (it is silly how invested you can get in a laptop!), but the new MacBook’s are certainly starting to call to me. Even if I had near £2000 to spend on a new computer, I’d still wait 6 months, following the law with ALL Apple products that you wait till the second gen of anything unless you want to be fighting bugs and recalls the rest of your life. Then again, same money, get top of the range desktop Mac and keep the Pocket Calculator for travel… (Ah, the dilemma. I do love spending money I don’t have, especially money I won’t have for several years unless another beloved relative pops their clogs, which is how I got the Pocket Calculator).

New Intel Macs Can Run Windows – a dual boot system? Oh, I am getting goose-pimply because all of a sudden the world of decent GIS is available on the Mac.

This animated drawing lets you watch the invisible artist draw a figure from the skeleton up. Fascinating to watch, and remarkably envy-inspiring as well.

Official Google Blog: Google Earth in a Mac world (PC too). I have one word for this – finally.

Lego knitting machine movie. Hypnotic and ever so slightly threatening…

Well, this article tells me more about the upcoming film “Bubble” than the trailer did. I also agree with Paul’s take on what the whole cinema going experience has become… Don’t get me wrong, I’m not against paying to see a movie, I just hate getting shafted for the priviledge

Fifty Writing Tools. We could all do with a little help in this respect.

Quick Online Tips: Absolutely – Complete Tool Collection. A list of all the tools you could possible want to maximise your bookmarking experience.

As Moose said when she emailed me this link. Some people have far too much time on their hands. They’re Taking The Hobbits To Isengard

And to end on a lighter note, Ben Hammersley has the best blonde joke ever. All I can say is: I’m sorry, but it appealed to my sense of humour…

(And there are some leftovers for those of you with big appetites).