It’s the simple things

It really is silly how the little things can make your day – taken out of context they can just seem so small, but seemingly insignificant occurrences are what make the world that teeny bit more bearable.

Like turning down the Big Issue salesman (no, this isn’t the good little thing, this bit made me feel bad), but giving him a smile anyway, and them him saying “you have a lovely smile – no, I’m not gonna ask you again, I just want you to know you do have a lovely smile”. Such a little thing, but made me walk round with a warm fuzzy feeling and a secret smile for the rest of the day. The cynic in me thinks it was a ruse to get me to buy a Big Issue after I’d already said no, but I don’t want to listen to the cynic this time.

A couple of days before that, I got a compliment about the skirt I was wearing – again, almost a throw away comment, but it stuck with me and made the day that little bit brighter.

It might be because I so rarely have to field compliments in day-to-day life that the ones I do get gain an importance out of all proportion to reality, but I think it is more universal than that.

So, my Blog Minions, here is your task for the coming days/weeks/months/years:
Make a point of saying something nice to someone at least once week. *1* Compliment a shop girl on her earrings. Don’t just walk past the Big Issue seller with your head turned away – smile and say ‘sorry, but no thank you’ to his face. Give up your seat on the bus/tube to someone who looks like they need it. Thank the chap at the supermarket checkout with a genuine smile. It’s remarkably easy, but I guarantee it will make their day a little better, and might even make you feel a bit happier as well.


*1*For this task, it helps if they are someone you don’t know, or don’t know that well. I would hope you are in the habit of saying nice things to those you love on a more than weekly basis without my prompting.Back

4 thoughts on “It’s the simple things

  1. Great post! I often think that people are looking for big events (like a wedding, or a new job) to bring contentment and happiness, when in reality, the small things of life, much like you described in this post, make up the abundant life. We just miss the small things while waiting for the big things.

    That’s one of the reasons I started my blog called Little Nuances. I wanted to talk more about the small things of life.


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