Sunday Roast: just pretend you’re a monkey

A shorter than usual Roast this week, because it’s just been one of those weeks, clearly.
The leftovers and lots of things for afters can be found links page.

Turns out, you have just a twentieth of a second to get people to like your website. Wow. Now I know that’s all the time I get, I’m surprised I get any readers of Bright Meadow at all!

Andy C has this timely reminder, and urges us all to take caution with BA online check-in.

Matt Cutts has a list of put-down-able books, that is books that won’t have you reading till three am in the morning when you have to get up at 6 am (Question: in this circumstance, is it better to grab those few remaining hours in shut-eye, or to just soldier on through and catch up the next night?). I’d challenge his position on Neal Stephenson’s Baroque Cycle though. I’m re-reading it right now, and even on this the third run through, I find myself picking it up at 10 pm, and next looking at the clock and realising it is 1.30 am. What are your put-down-able books?

An article in the NYT put me on to CoffeeGeek, a wonderful site if (like me), you spend far too much time wondering about what makes the perfect cup of coffee. It’s odd, I barely drink the stuff, but after working on and off at Whittard for seven years, I keep coming back to places where I can learn more.

Gizmodo have a great gadget (when don’t they?) that uses solar energy to charge your mobile. It can also charge things like MP3 players and the like. Possibly not so good for rainy England where we see the sun once a month, but a great idea none the less.

Cut the Cord: USB Runs Free with Freescale. I want. I want so badly. So very, very badly.

This is possibly one of the best ideas I have seen in a long time – the slanket, which is a blanket, with sleeves. Genius! (Though you could save a fair bit of money I imagine by getting an old blanket of your own and putting some slits in it yourself. Still…)

Finally, someone who explains what the deal is with the php tags in WordPress in language I can understand!

And I can think of no better way to end this weeks Roast by imparting the wisdom that peeling bananas from the other end is easier
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4 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: just pretend you’re a monkey

  1. The Japanese have their own slanket, called a hanten:
    But those slankets seem even niftier…

    Oh and the PHP in wordpress is all part of the adventure. Punctuating them’s a bitch though.

  2. I hadnt’ realised when I wrote the post that the slanket actually has sleeves – I thought it was just a slit you could stick your hands through, hence my “make your own” comment. On closer inspection though, sleeves = cool. Then again, you’ve got to make sure the slanket is orientated properly to use the sleeves, whereas a blanket you can just wrap around yourself any old way.

    I’m getting to grips with the PHP syntax of WP slowly but surely. I have to say though, I would not recommend WP as a system to people who were much less tech-literate than myself. Say what you like about Blogger, but it is a great starting point for the majority.

    *goes and bashes her head against WP and tries to work out why she can’t create a new page when she’s created plenty of pages before*


  3. Hey Nanette! Welcome back to Bright Meadow 🙂

    I wish I could take credit for the penguin, but he’s all Spooky’s work. Ever since he created (drew isn’t quite the right verb when you’re talking CG :S) the penguin back last summer, I’ve been looking for a way to give him pride of place.

    Now he needs a name though… (Hmmm, well, that’s solved what I am going to blog about tomorrow!) Thanks again Nanette! I look forward to having you around the Meadow more often now you’ve found us again 🙂

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