A few odds and sods

Today’s post comprises a few odds and sods I wanted to blog about, but couldn’t quite work into a full post each.

Picture of The Queen on Flickr - click to see full size and notes It is time to say good bye to tSPFKAG, and say ‘hello’ to The Queen. Curly Durly took tSPFKAG back to the Homestead when she left this morning, leaving The Queen in his place. The Queen is so named, for from her all my other spider plants have been spawned. She is remarkably prolific – I had to cut upwards of 30 babies off her before she would fit properly on my windowsill! No, this is not being cruel – it was necessary. She is starting to get drained and needs to be taken back a bit so she can return even bigger and stronger.

I’m the top result in Google for something – “cussler sahara” (OK, top result on Google.co.uk, result 11 on Google.com, but still!). Just a shame that the review it links to is seemingly so contentious!

I have a new frog – Avril LaFrog. You can read all about her adventures over at The Adventures of Avril LaFrog: Frog Racer.

And if anyone can translate what I think is Arabic, please go to the my MyHeritage match with Hilary Duff on Flickr and translate the comment someone has very kindly left me!

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