blooming firefox

Why is Firefox determined to open on my right screen (the 12″ PowerBook screen), and not the left screen (the 15″ LCD)? It used to remember that I liked it open full screen on the left. The last couple of days however, it’s been determined to open on the right. Grrr. Bloody firefox.

5 thoughts on “blooming firefox

  1. Hmmm, Well let me see If I can reproduce that problem and maybe solve it for you.
    (Dewayne looks to his right…) Oh darn I do not have a screen to my right…
    (Dewayne looks to his left…) Well that is not a screen on that side either….
    Drat I guess I cannot reproduce that problem. Just one screen available.
    I would be more than happy to work on that problem just as soon as I can get a multi monitor setup on my system. Some people have all the luck…

  2. I wouldn’t be without my dual screen system now I have it – it really is an essential when you’re using a 12″ PowerBook as your main computer. But even when I’m in the lab, dual screen is just… bliss. I love working in the lab. 2 17″ screens with colour fidelity to die for… *sigh* It really makes workflow easier, and as for research and comparing documents…

    Ok, I’m going to stop now 🙂 And if it makes you feel slightly less jealous, my second screen has PANTS colour fidelity, which is understandable when you consider it’s just a bargain basement LCD.

    I’m learning to love Firefox’s little quirks. I could get all intimidated if it did everything perfectly all the time.

  3. (Dewayne heaves a sigh of relief)
    I was hoping that you would take that post as humor and you did! Yay!!!

    I would love to have a dual monitor setup of any sort, Nice quality and color would be extra frothy good.

    I am addicted to Firefox and extensions. All of the bizarre quirks are worth the annoyance because of the productivity that I have gained.

    PANTS??? Does that mean something in English that it does not mean in american english? Check out that capitalization…

  4. Humour all the way baby – why take something seriously when you can have a laugh?

    LOL. I do keep forgetting the different meanings of ‘pants’. Yes, in English it means something completely different:
    Strictly speaking, ‘pants’ are underwear (what would be panties if you are American)
    Informally, it’s slang for rubbish or nonsense.

    So for all you Yanks out there, that troublesome sentence can be translated as follows:
    my second screen has APPALLING/CRAP/SHOCKINGLY BAD colour fidelity

  5. 😯
    Excellent, that was what I was guessing from Context but I am trying to get my globalization on and every little bit helps.

    Thanks Cas and keep on churning out these fun asides!

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