My Lilac Toilet Roll

my pink/lilac toilet roll
As has been covered in a previous discourse, the naming of things is important. As with my toilet rolls that are, in fact pink, despite being called ‘lilac’ on the packaging, when something has the wrong name it can be misleading and confusing.

Think how awful it is then, when something has no name at all!

Many people have complimented me on the penguin who is sitting, looking down on us all, from the top right of Bright Meadow’s header. Ever since Spooky created him for me back in the summer of 2005, I have been looking for a way to display him that is worthy of his evilness and cuteness, and with the move to WordPress, I was able to give him a design he wouldn’t be ashamed of. Along with my cartoon head, he is probably the most visually identifiable part of the site.

It has come to my attention, however, that the penguin doesn’t have a name.

This is a state of affairs that just can’t be allowed to continue. So, without further ado, I am proposing a competition.

Name That Penguin *1*

The rules:
Everyone has a week (the closing date will be the 2nd of February) to propose a name for the penguin.
You can propose a maximum of three names.
Only names posted in the comments field of this post will be accepted.
At the end of the submission round, there will then be a further week where you can vote for the best name from the shortlist I will compile.
The winning name will thenceforth be the name for the Bright Meadow Penguin.

Some other points:
I wish I could give prizes, but budgetary constraints (i.e., my current job-less-ness) preclude my normal generous nature. My undying love and affection will have to be enough for you.
Winning will, of course, entitle the winner to Blog Minion status if they do not already have it.
I am loath to rank my Minions, so existing Minions will just have to make do with the happy glow of knowing that they’ve done something worthwhile to make the world a better place. For after all, what is a named penguin, if not a happy penguin? And happy penguins are less likely to view you as victims in their next plot.
Don’t just limit yourself to traditional penguin names like “Pengu” – I am a great fan of unusual names, hence plants called Sebastian and George, a dog called Jason, a cat called Twigglet, and fish called Chips, Cassandra, Humph, Arthur, Shanks, and Tilley. I’m looking for a name that captures the essential identity of the Bright Meadow Penguin. Go wild!

Now, I know there’s at least 15 of you reading Bright Meadow, so let’s see if we can get at least fifteen names. Take your time, you’ve got a week, and I’ll sticky this post in the sidebar so it doesn’t get drowned beneath a horde of later posts.
Just in case you’re reading this in an RSS reader and have forgotten what the Bright Meadow Penguin looks like, here is what he looks like:
the Bright Meadow Penguin

Let the games begin!

*1*Now I have the theme tune from “Dastadly and Mutley” going round in my head. Stop that pigeon… stop that pigeon… stop that pigeon now!Back

20 thoughts on “My Lilac Toilet Roll

  1. Pablo the Latin Lover (Penguin)!
    This took me an inordinately long time to type. You really have to hear Moose say it in this voice she does…
    Now THAT amuses me…

    :thumbup_tb: :lol_tb: :thumbup_tb:

    Three entries already – keep them coming in people 🙂 I can tell that this thread is going to be a good one for when I’m feeling a little down!

  2. I’m going to suggest these two:

    1. Clio (because I like odd references)
    2. Monkey (because it wouldn’t be the same otherwise)

  3. These are rather good. But I’m yet to be convinced that any of them are actually a good name for the Penguin.

    The rule I’ve always followed when naming things – imagine it is a dog, and that you have to call its name from the other side of a field… Calling something “Mr Snookum-Wookums” suddenly doesn’t seem quite so clever now, does it?

    I’m not sure quite how I am going to work out the shortlist – it depends on how many entries I get, but I would recommend you submit three names.

    My first submission:

  4. Hmmm, Roger just isn’t doing it for me. Besides, it’s a penguin, I think you’d get funny looks when calling it’s name across a field no matter what the name is. :tongue3_tb:

    (for no other reason than I found this smiley amusing)

  5. I like Mr.Flibble.
    But since I’m here, I should pitch in.

    (Oh and the comments froze on me – sorry if this ends up as a double post)

  6. My second submission:

    (I’m getting the distinct impression that people are thinking the penguin is male. I’m not so sure…)

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  8. My third entry:

    I am leaning toward compiling a short-list that comprises my personal favourite out of the three names you have put forward. I think that’s fair – it is my bloody penguin after all!

    Joseph, please, for the love of Mike, could you at least put one more name forward? I do not want to end up calling my penguin “Satanic Penguin of Doom, 3”. More than anything else, it just doesn’t roll of the tongue.

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