Sunday Roast: maybe she’s born with it, maybe it’s Maybeline leg-extensions

I have been scouring the ‘Net this week to bring you a select few items for your browsing pleasure:

Yes, this is a rabbit, even though it looks like… oh, I don’t know what it looks like, but it sure don’t look like a rabbit!

More evidence (if we needed it) as to the power of tight-leather-clad busty brunettes to sell films, regardless of their merit, is provided by Underworld topping the US cinema chart.

Because I can never explain why I like RSS, here’s a handy article on “Subscribing? What the hell does that mean??”

For those of you still labouring under the misaprehension that the Internet is a place free from censorship and government control (as /discuss adds for AOL would have us believe), here’s something on Google censoring itself for China (not the best article on this out there, but a good starting point to bring to all your attentions).

It’s academic really seeing as how I have no cash, but Wired News have a great article on whether to wait or buy now, with regards the new Intel Macs.

I can’t think of a snappy summary for this one, so I will just present the link to you as is: World of Warcraft: Don’t tell anyone you’re queer.

This might be of interest to you, or it might not, but for those of you who want more informaiton about SEO and stuff, I present a handy article on how to determine your Link Reputation.

Public transport, Amsterdam-style

Every now and then, the Lords do something that makes me think they are not an absolute waste of space, such as pointing out that ID cards really are of ‘limited value’ (unless you want a gain in the “curtailment of civil liberties”).

Well, RSS must be gaining in visibility if the NYT has an article on it in their Travel section but way to shoe-horn it in. That clearly wasn’t the article the journalist wanted to write. Reads like his editor went “hmmm, this RSS is getting to be a bigger deal than I thought, let’s see if we can mention it in… THIS (*brandishes plan for humble article on different travel websites*) and give to you… YOU (*points at Bob*), because you have no idea what you are talking about!” I mean, I understand RSS, and have been left confused by the article 😕

And I can always trust the NYT to provide a suitably obscure article to finish with – a discussion of the various merits of fake camel droppings, tree trunks, and dead rats (+ Tabasco sauce)

I hope that made your respective Sunday mornings, but if it’s left you wanting more, there’s always the leftovers and assorted other feeds