Apricot computers?

Ok, I saw this laptop and it reminded me of the first computer/laptops that the Crazy Canalman used to bring home from work. Now, bear in mind I was about four at the time, but I would swear he had an “Apricot” computer. Apricot being a brand? The manufacturer? I don’t know, but Apricot is what I remember. Can anyone help clear this up for me? Did there used to be Apricot computers way back in the mists of time (we’re talking around 1986 or 7 I’d guess), or am I going ever so slightly mad?

4 thoughts on “Apricot computers?

  1. You gem!
    Why I never thought of Wikipedia myself, I don’t know, but you gem! Thank you
    I can go to bed safe in the knowledge that I am not cracking up (any more than I was already that is – 😉 )

  2. Hi, Yes Apricot Computers was the munufacturer, I worked in the Apricot factory in Glenrothes fife many years ago, it got bought by Mitsubushi and has since closed. It was som time ago before P.C’s and Windows.

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