Name That Penguin! round 2

I am pleased to announce the second round of the Name That Penguin competition is now open.

The short-listed names are:
Satanic Penguin of Doom (3)
Mr Flibble
Optimus Pengu

  • The shortlist comprises my personal favourite out of the names each person submitted.
  • To vote, go to the sidebar, and use the form you will find there. (It’s just under the Meta section and the pretty coloured buttons, above the Mini Meadow’s section)
  • Each person can only vote once, or so the plugin says. I haven’t used this plugin before, so if things start going a bit haywire, I may just shut down the poll and get y’all to give your vote in the comments field of this post. Try the form first though – we’ll see how things go.
  • You have a week to vote. The poll will be closed first thing on the 9th of February. I will then tally the results and announce the winner.
  • Comments on the first “Name That Penguin” post are now closed. If you have anything to say regarding this competition, say it on this post please 🙂
  • Even if you didn’t get around to submitting a name for the shortlist, please vote for your favourite name. I want this choice to be as democratic as possible. I write this blog for you all to read – even my lurkers who I know are out there somewhere – so it’s only fitting that you should have some say in what goes on around here 🙂
  • Don’t worry – I won’t be able to tell who voted for what, if that’s the only reason you won’t vote. Unless you tell us what you voted for, of course, but that’s up to you 🙂

That’s it. I look forward to finding out what name we all choose for the Bright Meadow penguin.

4 thoughts on “Name That Penguin! round 2

  1. Well, I’ve voted. Until some other people have it’s not going to take a genius to work out who I voted for, but *shrug* nothing doing.

    Please don’t let my preference sway you – I would love the penguin to be named anything in that shortlist. They all make me smile and reflect his/her personality in different ways.

    So, vote away! And the winner gets a special button/graphic I spent hours slaving over in photoshop. Who says I never do anything for you?

    (One caveat – I’m relying on you to use your personal honour and discretion – don’t just vote for the name you submitted, unless you genuinely think it is the best name for the penguin.)

  2. well I tried to vote but it was being rude because we have the same IP address!!! No Fair!!!!

    I vote for Pablo.

  3. It was very rude! I don’t like the plugin – I won’t be using after this competition for sure!

    Noted, one vote for Pablo 🙂

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