My sincerest apologies

I apologize to anyone who subscribes to the comments feed and got subjected to a comment from “Bob” on “Minor Scare” – I was away from the computer so wasn’t unable to catch the highly unpleasant comment. Askimet, whilst doing wonders for my spam, unfortunately isn’t designed to catch racial slurs, obscenities, and personal attacks.

Again, I am sorry that you had to read such things. I’ve deleted it and will do my best to catch such things sooner in future.

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6 thoughts on “My sincerest apologies

  1. I missed it too. You can’t blame yourself for not catching it sooner, Cas. 🙂

    Did you block the IP address of the offending person?

  2. i mostly moderate the comments before they appear, but when i know that someone’s starting to be rude i’ll put it as a comment who’s highly recommended to be put in the comment moderation queue permanently [once his/her comment has been approved, her/his next comment will automatically be approved and when the rudeness starts to happen for few times I put the url in the comment awaiting moderation] because i can’t expect him/her to change, but if it happens more than three times there’s no other decision than not to allow the person coming again. Actually, the commenters decide whether or not to get banned by leaving racial remarks, etc. The admins obviously take the last decision if there’s no other way. Of course, racism, attacks, etc are not appreciated, it’s obvious and I hope you won’t get such comment. Anymore.

  3. Hey anonymuis, welcome to Bright Meadow 🙂

    I personally don’t like having to make people wait whilst I moderate their comment before it can appear – some days I’m only online for a little bit, so people might have to wait an age, and that’s hardly fair. I also don’t have a big enough volume of comments to make me think it’s worthwhile – why should one nasty person spoil the fun for everyone else?

    I normally don’t mind what people say in the comments, be it nasty or nice, so long as it contributes to the discussion. There’s even a comment policy lurking around somewhere (linked in the About section) that says words to that effect. Bob’s comment, on the other hand, was just a string of obscenities with no merit. Hence, bye-bye-time. His IP’s no longer blocked (that was a knee-jerk reaction), but he’s one strike down.

    I don’t like nasty people. He ruined my entire day, and it had been a great day up till then!

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