coComment take two

I can already tell that discussion about coComment is going to be rumbling on for a fair bit. One of those things, it’s just seemed to have got peoples attentions.

Anyway, if your curious, I will be merrily tagging away anything I find pertaining to it at if you want to keep an eye on that.

Ben Metcalfe has already written a great piece pointing out how coComment could lead to semantically forked conversations. He’s not being a nay-sayer, just pointing out that things might not be all as rosy as the hype makes it look.
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19 thoughts on “coComment take two

  1. Thanks for tagging anything you find. I just signed up at coComment earlier, and I’m interested in using it, and seeing where it takes things.

  2. Well! That’s interesting. I used coComment on my first comment, above. I then logged in to coComment.

    It’s showing my comment, BUT… it’s showing it that the comment is at TechCrunch, and that the article has no title.

    Um.. okay then.

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  4. Well, I’m just glad that someone finds my little tagging-frenzies useful!

    I eagerly await more details of this whole issue. I’m not sure I want TechCrunch eating my content thank you very much!

    Perhaps it is all some cunning ploy to increase their readership…

    And I use smilies far too much.
    It’s late, and I have to be up in the morning, so enjoy coCommenting people. You lucky so-and-so’s. I’m not jealous. Oh, no, not me…

  5. Hey Dewayne, I did get an invite thank you very much – in fact, I got several. There will shortly be a post with first impressions and the like (and yes, the codes I didn’t use for people who might want them)



  6. I just replied about… two minutes ago.

    I’m sorry – I’m notoriously bad at email.

    Today I do have an excuse though. I am suffering from the curse of RSI, and am typing with two fingers and with wrists strapped up to hell and back.

  7. Sorry to hear that.

    I haven’t had a full-blown attack of RSI, but my right wrist has been developing some pain as of late. I bought one of those wonderful (sarcasm!) braces to hold my wrist stiff.

    It makes computing a bit more difficult, but at least my wrist doesn’t hurt as bad.

  8. RSI and I are old friends – my undergrad thesis broke me and I’ve been suffering on and off ever since. Not sure what set it off today, but I was using the comp this morning and my right hand just started shaking uncontrollably. Rather scary actually.

    Much trial and error has led me to have an unhealthily close relationship with tubigrip. It’s actually better than a stiff brace because it gives support whilst still letting the wrist flex a little bit – makes it easier to type!

    I do love my little PowerBook, but a 12″ keyboard isn’t exactly conducive to pain-free typing!

    You know, I told myself when I felt the attack start this morning that I would steer clear of the computer for the day… Just goes to show how crap my self-control is.

  9. I’ll give tubigrip a try. While the stiff brace does alleviate pain, the fact is, it’s a nuisance to use. Thus, I find myself not using it when I know I really should.

    I am jealous of your PowerBook. I am Mac-less. 😛

    Don’t feel bad. Computers have that effect on people.

  10. Time’s are, I wish I was Mac-less. A beloved relative had to die and leave me some money before I was able to afford this one. I always remember her though 🙂

    Is coComment taken a sudden dislike to you? Because your last three comments on this post haven’t shown up…

  11. No, it’s due to my own ineptitude. I can’t get the Greasemonkey script to work on this particular computer, and I keep forgetting to click the damn coComment button before submitting comments. And, seeing as their ‘fix’ for this doesn’t work currently.. well, if you forget to click, coComment simply doesn’t track them at all.

    Now, after writing a brief paragraph, I will now CLICK THE BUTTON before submitting this.


  12. Cas –
    I am glad you got some coComment invites. Did not want you to feel frelled on that score.
    I have never had a full blown RSI but I know people who have so I go to silly extremes to make sure
    I never get it. I have a Right hand mouse, a left hand mouse and a keyboard with a scroll wheel and back and forward buttons that I alternate hands wth religiously…
    Shiny coComment times!

  13. That really is quite extreme action. I’ve got my set-up as ergonomic as possible and do have a full-sized keyboard that I should use. But my desk isn’t really deep enough to fit computer keyboard enough arm room. Damn cheap furniture.

    I am noticing a slow-down with regards page loading now coComment is installed… Hmmmm… Is this such a good thing after all? I mean, *I* love it, but is the decrease in performance going to be off-putting to people who don’t have/want to use coComment?

  14. The slowdown that I’ve noticed has solely been on coComment’s end. It doesn’t actually affect the blog you’re reading. i.e., I submit a comment. coComment says “submitting to original blog”, but if you refresh, the comment is already there.

    I think it mostly stems from coComment being new. It’s having growing pains. 🙂

  15. I saw Laurent say somewhere that he was already pushing for more servers to handle the load. I am sure they were surprised by the awesome response. I guess you really never can tell how the Web is going to respond to your new application.

  16. It really is a mystery what will, and won’t, prove to be popular, I will agree. I’m also pleasantly surprised that the CoCo servers haven’t fallen flat on their faces yet. It would be excusable given the demand.

  17. I will be extremely suprised if they do not have at least one major firefight sooner rather than later.
    So far I am very happy with the response times and the uptimes!
    They must not be using Microsoft servers!

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