Sunday Roast: there’s no law about lying to Canadians

It’s not been a bad week all told and, clearly, my more positive mental attitude has rubbed off on the Roast – it’s a biggy!

According to Steven Spielberg, President Bush actually has his uses.

In the UK, new powers over death are being considered.

I think the 40×365 project is a wonderful idea. It’s made me think of doing something similar, but it would probably be on a smaller scale! For a month or something. Hmmm.

Phu Ly has a link to some incredibly beautiful pictures in a photoset classed, appropriately, as “[ æ¡‚æž— – Beautiful China” (warning, lots of big pictures, took a minute or so to open on wireless-broadband connection).

A moving and eloquent essay on ethnicity and science fiction.

I am in awe at the sheer elegance of this three column layout as presented by A List Apart. I suddenly want to redesign Bright Meadow, and I don’t even like three-column layouts for personal blogs!

Because Spooky is a jolly good chap and has done much for me Penguin- (and computer-) wise over the years – The Daily Monkey.

We here at Meadow Towers are not the only ones who are easily entertained by silly things. Scott Adams of Dilbert fame recently spent thirty minutes entranced by a rock impersonating a whale.

When I saw the trailer for “Bubble” I was confused, more than a little freaked out by all the doll’s heads, and left without 1) a clue what the film was about and 2) any desire to see said film. You could infer from that, that the trailer failed (for me at least). I therefore find it hardly surprising to hear that it bombed on it’s debut the other day. This is sad, as Soderbergh is to be applauded for trying new and innovative ways to distribute films, and box-office failure is hardly going to make distribution exec’s go “Oh, yes, we must distribute ALL films like this in the future”. Still, the last paragraph has it right – the film is only going to appeal to a niche audience. A small niche audience, clearly. Possibly not the best film to experiment with, hey?

I found William Gibson’s blog the other night. How happy was I?! (And how geeky to be getting so happy, but 😛 you).

For all you Photoshoppers out there, here’s a quick tutorial on how to create water droplets. Easy, effective, need to find me a reason to add water to things now!

This is just too perfect for it to be true! Indiana police are using robotic deer as a honey-trap for poachers.

Men, if you ever wonder why the women in your life are always sneaking off to the salon, David Seah will not only enlighten you, but he might make you giggle. Ok, giggling might be a bit effeminate, but it made me smile 😀

BBC NEWS: Public unclear over safe drinking. Am I the only one who sees this as a no-brainer? If you’re going to be driving, you don’t drink any alcohol, period. All this faffing around with ‘units’… Not to mention it doesn’t help that the acceptable levels keep changing.

If you’re one of those people who thinks Stowe knows what he’s talking about, the ‘conversational index’, or CI, might be the best indicator of how successful a blog is/will be. Going by the very simple formula (number of posts / number of comments), you find that Bright Meadow has a CI of roughly 0.39 (this is give or take – I’ve only got numbers of comments since the shift to WP back in December 05). On that scale then, Bright Meadow is going to kick some serious butt, and soon!

As a follow-up to this, Don Dodge has his own version of the CI. In this version, BM has a CI of 2.5.

I rediscovered Traumwerk today. Michael Shanks’s work is some I keep circling round and coming back to, time over time. So partly it is the same fascination that keeps you watching car-wrecks even when you know you shouldn’t, but I also have deep respect for the man’s ideas and work, even if I rarely (if ever) agree with what he says. He drives me round the bend and halfway back again, but he always makes me think harder about why I believe what I believe. Oh, and he was a proponent of wikis before most people knew wikis existed, so go Mike 🙂

I’m not a gamer, but the CC is, and he bent my ear often enough about SotC for the PS2 that even I can appreciate it is a great game. So, I bring you an interview all about the making of “Shadow Of The Colossus”. (Translated from the original Japanese).

Brian’s managed to snag himself a coComment invite. Lucky so and so. coComment is a service that claims to let you be able to track all your comments you’ve left on other blogs to better keep the conversation going. As I currently have a bookmark folder with all the posts I’ve commented on (damn people without comment RSS feeds!) this idea excites me. As I don’t have an invite though, I’m going to have to wait and see what other people like Brian and Ross have to say about it.

Liz, as ever, has a great fun find in Button

Again trust the NYT to give me something to end on a suitably bizzare note: Ivan Ivanovitch is dead.

Don’t forget there’s always more where that came from.

6 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: there’s no law about lying to Canadians

  1. *Does a double-take, blinks*
    I do keep forgetting that when you link out, people occasionally follow that link back.
    Hello Stowe 🙂

    Thank you for the tip – but yes, all the invites are, not surprisingly, currently gone.
    I feel like a girl who didn’t get invited to the prom.

    Ah well, life is too short. I shall just have to keep my nose pressed up against the candy-store window and dream a little while longer.


  2. I dunno. I like waking up to a hangover, coffee and a cigarette and the blissful ignorance of the drunken internoot rampage I may or may not have been on the night before.

    Its horrible when I remember baiting people on a lingerie site. *cringe*

    erm, for example…

  3. Hey,

    I actually managed to get one of the codes Scoble posted in his comments to work, even though people were saying they were all dead. I’m betting that the coComment people are periodically re-enabling them, because the chances of me getting one several hours after he posted one are extremely slim. Try it out!

  4. Hey Brian,

    I (the sad individual that I am) went through all the codes I could get my grubby mitts on from Scoble’s comments. All to no avail. I will be trying again though – probably tomorrow when I’m all bored of job-hunting!

    I have great faith in the serendipity of the Internet. I clearly wasn’t meant to have an invite just yet, but… who know’s what is waiting for me round the corner?

    Here’s hoping the Web-gods are smiling on me tomorrow!


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