Curly Cas!

Flickr: Cas with curly hair! I’m sorry to my tech-minded readers, but I feel the need to make my blog girly for a moment.

I’ve been a bit down for the past couple of days and, as nothing makes a girl feel better quite like a pampering session, and because I was starting to resemble a shaggy-dog, I rang the local hairdressers on the off chance they had an appointment today. They did.

The cut was nothing drastic, just a trim, because I am still growing all my layers out, but I felt this irrational desire for curls today, so I told the hairdresser that. He wasn’t sure curls were doable – my hair is straight and heavy, but he was game if I was. I certainly was (I have a very cavalier attitude to my hair, ever since I shaved it all off a few years back), so out comes the diffuser and the mouse. Ten minutes fluffing later, I am left with a head of curly hair! I’m not sure who was more shocked – me at how good it looked, or the hairdresser at how well it worked!

It’s now a few hours later and, whilst the initial extreme curliness has dropped out, it is still far from straight. I am really going to have to practice and see if I can replicate this look at home, because I love it! I’ve always wanted curly hair (we girls are never happy with what we got given). And, to top that off, the last remnants of my ill-advised 2004 dye job have finally been cut out. My hair is now its natural colour all the way through for the first time in… *counts back on fingers* since college!

Anyway, if you are curious as to what makes Cas happy – at the moment, the joy at having found a hairdresser in Southampton who cuts hair well and doesn’t cost an arm and a leg is near the top of the list. Whilst it cost a bit more than I pay back in Somerset, well, I’m no longer living in the sticks so it’s understandable. I will definitely be going back to them.

14 thoughts on “Curly Cas!

  1. Hey, nice hair. I think it suits you very much. Now does that mean you have to buy a very expensive hairdryer that costs as much as a month’s rent so that you can replicate the ‘do? One with am “ionizer” or whatever they’re called? I had an experience like that- left the shop with a happy cut, a new dryer, shampoo and conditioner, other “product”, a ceramic round brush, and detailed instructions.
    I never could do it again.
    Mine locks, like yours, are straight and heavy. I always try for curls. I guess the grass is greener ont he other person’s head.
    Good luck!

  2. I guess the grass is greener ont he other personÒ€ℒs head.

    I just had this wonderful mental image of someone walking around with a chunk of sod on their head. πŸ™‚

  3. Thank you Meowkaat.
    I actually own a hairdryer. With ionizer. But only, I hasten to add, because that was all they had in the shop and it was a gift from my Mum.

    I think more important than the tools will be industrial strength mouse. Or possibly superglue. Most of it has gone flat(ish) now. It’s still curly round the face and at the ends, but the best that the majority can hope for is ‘wavy’.

    Ah well, it’s what I expected πŸ™

    And thank you. They were a gift from the Crazy Canalman. Hand made in Crete. Every now and then he surprises me. My father actually has good taste in jewelry.

  4. Thank you

    As I discovered today, totally un-reproduceable without a crew of trained hairdressers. I just can’t get my arms to bend in the right ways to be able to dry the back properly. Perhaps it will come with practice, but I doubt it.


    I did so like it curly.

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  6. Nope.
    Short of shacking up with a hairdresser, I don’t think there’s anything that can be done.

    Well, at least I know that it can go curly and last for most of the day at that. I shall always have that knowledge – no one can take it away from me.

  7. Seeing as how he’s currently residing over 3000 miles away, that’s hardly a practical solution now, is it?

    And, though I love the man dearly, hairstyling isn’t exactly his forte. He’s more a “get out the shower, let it look at the comb, shrug, and leave it kinda guy”. Just the way I like ’em πŸ˜€

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