Penguins, penguins, always with the penguins…

I’d like to remind you all that there are just a few days left to vote for the name you want for the Bright Meadow penguin.

If you haven’t already voted, take yourself to the sidebar and make your opinions known.

I’ll be announcing the winner sometime on Thursday afternoon (9th Feb).

3 thoughts on “Penguins, penguins, always with the penguins…

  1. It’s a joint thing, much as Bright Meadow itself is. It wouldn’t be the blog it is today without the readers, so it is only fair that you all have a say in what the penguin is called.

    And the names are ones I want, because I made up the shortlist. I would be happy with any of the names if they were chosen.

    Ok, I might be a bit miffed if Satanic Penguin of Doom (3) won, but I am a girl of my word. I said whichever won the popular vote would be the penguins name, and I stick by that.

    One day left!

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