Sunday Roast: in my country only women drink their tea with milk

It’s been an eventful week all told, for both blogging and personal reasons.

  • The CC’s moved to a new city, started a new job, and started a blog, all in the past week. Yes, the man who was violently anti-blog has cracked and joined the blogspot crowd. Clearly, a year and a quarter of knowing me has wrought some change in the beast ๐Ÿ˜‰
  • Bright Meadow has got into double figures for RSS readership (and stayed there) for the first time (*waves at new people* Hello new people). I’ve also earned a few comments from A-listers. Despite my best efforts and avowed dislike of cliques and celebrity, yes, I was flattered. I am ashamed to admit it, so let’s leave the topic there, shall we?
  • What else? Well, I’ve discovered that I like my hair when it’s curly (but lack the skill to make it curly myself) and got me a new job which I start tomorrow. I’m not sure if this is going to be to the detriment of the blog or not – probably not, because I am going to be so bored out of my brains that I will have nothing to do but think of blog posts. I’ve had some great IM chats, we named the penguin, I’ve had an apology to a nasty comment I had a while back which I called the guy on, I was temporarily the eight most commented blog on CoCo, and…
  • Oh, too many things to go into here.

Now that I’ve got all that out of the way, on with the Sunday Roast:

Well, this is one less blog I have to check now – Russell Beattie has turned off comments. Now, all fairness to the guy, he’s lain out his reasons for turning off comments, and they are good reasons. I don’t have to deal with the volume of comments he does, so I don’t know how much hassle it might be. But, at the same time, part of what makes blogging worth putting up with the word ‘blogging’ is the fact it is a conversation. Two way communication, not one-way broadcast. Quite often, most of the fun happens in the comments. It’s not a hard-and-fast rule of mine, but if I stumble across a blog without comments, it makes me think twice about if it is really worth my time. This one, sadly, didn’t make it for me. Bye Russell ๐Ÿ™

Following up on that, Darren asks if a blog without comments is still a blog? The answer for me is yes, it is still a blog (a blog being really just the back-end publishing system), but it is probably not a blog I want to read.

And now I feel sorry for the poor chap – Russell Beattie is drowning in a flood of nay-sayers after turning off comments. As he points out, it’s his blog, we should stop telling him how to run it.

Darren has a sobering reminder about the dangers of the Internet and stalking.

Full Circle has a great piece on ‘right speech’ and how it can facilitate dialogue. This sums up perfectly the philosophy I try to live my day to day life by, let alone how I try to act when I comment online. Note the word ‘try’ in that sentence…

I… I have nothing to say to this. Other than it foils half the fun of sleeping bags – having races with your brother to see who can hop quickest round the caravan awning. SELK’BAG Sleeping Bag – Gizmodo

GoogleBooks has fallen off my radar somewhat of late, but the bru-ha-ha is still going on.

Is the robots.txt file confusing ten kinds of crap out of you? Worry no more, because it’s Google to the rescue!

As a blogger and long-time student of all things online, this recent BBC article says nothing new exactly. It does, however, point to a slight shift away from the standard ‘blogs are evil’ stance of much traditional media. An interesting read.

TechCrunch has a preview of 3Bubbles, a dojamyflip that will add the ability to have realtime chat on blog posts. Tingle time again!

And Stowe has a bit more about 3Bubbles. Exciting.

I stumbled across Kristin’s site last night thanks to the wonders of CoCo. Thanks to her, not only does Bright Meadow now play nicely with CoCo, but I am also jonesing for a new tat after looking at her Samoan Ink photoset. Got this great design for a curly one from the big toe, over the bridge of the foot, to the ankle bone… Sadly, no money, and no good artist that I know of round here. I’m also on the bone marrow register – getting another tat would knock me off that for a year. Not sure if it’s worth it. Still, a girl can dream.

Go people, read her site, and glory in the wonders you will find therein.

And, just in case all that isn’t enough for you, there’s always the leftovers and assorted other fun bits to keep you occupied.

9 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: in my country only women drink their tea with milk

  1. It is a little surreal, I’d agree.

    Certainly makes me think back to my own younger days and gulp at how naive, and how lucky (!), I was with the whole Internet and strangers issue.

  2. I’m kind of surprised you’ve not said anything about the tomb unearthed in egypt. Thought you’d be all over that.

  3. 1. Thanks for the link!

    2. My husband drinks his tea with milk so I though that title was a bit funny

    3. That tattoo on my sisters foot is really cute. I almost wanted to get another one when I saw him finish it… but I had just gone through like 2 hours of him working on my arm band. Maybe next time!

  4. 1) my pleasure
    2) the title is a genuine quote from a Polish chap that the CC used to work with. He was genuinely surprised that “real” men would drink tea with milk (the Polish chap, that was, not the CC).

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