The Valentines Day Massacre (sorry, post).

This year I am at a loss with what to do about Valentines day. Most every other year I can get together with my single mates and loudly denounce the event as the Hallmark-holiday that it is.

This time around, I find myself in somewhat of a quandary. I still feel that Valentines day has no real meaning, nor do I understand why we are only permitted to show our feelings for that significant person in our life on just one day of the year. Surely every day should be Valentines day? Or rather, surely you should never need an excuse to demonstrate your emotions.

At the same time, there’s this tiny traitorous girly part of me that will not die, no matter how much I hit her over the head with mallets and feminist literature. I, in my infinite wisdom, have decided that, seeing as how it’s the first time in a long time I’ve had the opportunity, I’m going to celebrate Valentines day. I am aware that this desire has lost me much credibility in the eyes of my friends and, much to his consternation, the CC was forced to do some quick re-evaluation. But, I am adamant that this year, and this year only, I will celebrate Valentines day.

(If only so I know what I am so loudly slagging off every other year).

So what if the SO is over 3000 miles away digging in the frozen wastes of Ontario. (He is so hot that just by standing there he melts away the tundra and the permafrost…)

You make the best of the situation you’ve been given, so that is what I am doing.

The problems started though, when I went looking for a card. Yes, I am female, and yes, I am looking for a Valentines day card, but no, this does not mean that I have had all taste and common sense surgically removed. If you are a man giving your girlfriend a card, you can (more or less) get away with the cute and fluffys. The deep and meaningfulls are also not bad. When you are a girl giving your chap a card, on the hand, you have the option of cards so saccharine sweet Tate & Lyle are calling because they want their stock back. That’s it. Nothing else.

NO female who has any self respect would ever give such a card to a man she didn’t want to scare away very, VERY quickly.

In some of the bigger card stores you are given an option of the crude and “funny”. I say funny in quotes because, really, when was the last time you laughed at a card you got given that was designed to be funny? Yes, you laugh AT such cards, but you don’t laugh with them.

I’m sorry, but there was just no way I could give any of the cards billed as “valentines cards” to the CC. I wouldn’t have been able to face myself in the mirror in the morning, let alone him.

No, I’m not going to tell you what I did get for Valentine’s day in the end. I messed up the posting dates (oops) so even the CC isn’t going to know for a few days. Figure he deserves to find out first 😉

Where do you lot all stand on the Valentines day issue? I know Moose is disappointed in me. Anyone got any big plans?

Oh, before I forget,
Happy Valentines Day all my lovely readers 🙂

11 thoughts on “The Valentines Day Massacre (sorry, post).

  1. What is it with you ladies and your sudden changes of mind? After 4 years of not celebrating Valentine’s Day, and being very content with said situation, my good lady has suddenly clicked that she is missing out on a ton of chocolate. Subsequently, she has been pestering me for a month. I am as yet undecided as to whether or not I will return from work today with said chocolate.

  2. Happy Valentines Day, Cas. I hope you have a good one. I can say, without reservation, that my lovely lady has been thoroughly spoilt. 🙂

  3. Hello everybody!

    JB – we are female. We need no other reason for our sudden changes of mind. It is part of what makes us so special. (At least, that’s what I keep telling the CC when he grumbles 😉 )

    Pablo – I know the feeling and sympathize whole-heartedly. Anyway, who cares? It is a hallmark holiday and has no real meaning 😀 (Yes, I’ve spent the past 23 years telling myself this, and it never made me feel any better either, but look at it this way – it’s all over by tomorrow!) 🙂

    And RIB, thank you 🙂 It was fairly pleasant. I was out on a roadshow today, so I got to flirt with lots of old men, which is always fun. And I got given cups of tea as well, which is an occurrence guaranteed to make my day 😀

    (Yes, posted this twice if you’re watching the comments feed, but CoCo is having a hiccup and i want to see if it the fault of the new Greasemonkey script I installed last night or is to do with the latest upgrade).

  4. I’m not disappointed in you, when did I give you that idea? was it my constant moaning about it being a hallmark holiday?? :smile1_ee:
    I’m just jealous because the only valentine I ever got was 2 years ago and I have a strong suspicion it was from my creepy landlord or one of his creepy friends who liked my accent.

    Anyway, sending the CC valentines is probably just a smokescreen for you and George Lucas. Don’t believe her my fellow blog minions when she claims nothing is happenning, she mentioned him again on the bus this morning!! :shock_tb:

  5. It was an innocent slip of the tongue! I am not, I repeat not strangely attracted to George Lucas’ beard in any way, shape, or form. Not at all.

    Really, innocent mistake. Josh Lucas… George Lucas… You can see why I would mention one when I mean the other.

    Can’t you?


  6. Of course, no one will probably even read my comment, as I am days AFTER the big V-day, but let me just express, for the record, that as a FLORAL DESIGNER, Valentine’s Day represents one of the very nastiest levels of Hell. I have only just made it to my computer, dragging my scrawny, bloodied and blistered corpse to the keyboard. It will be weeks before I recover. Months before I stop hearing, “Red roses. Gimme red roses” as I am trying to fall asleep. Possibly years before the freshly sliced fingers’ scarring fades enough so that people don’t think I put my hands through a meat grinder.
    Valentine’s Day. What a sweet little holiday.
    ….gimme red roses…. don’t you have red roses?…. how much are red roses?….. Is it too late to get red roses delivered?….I think my girlfriend will like red roses… don’t all women like red roses?…..(NO, by the way)… red roses… red roses… red roses….

  7. Awww, Meowkaat. Come here and have a hug. It really doesn’t sound like you had a good V-day.

    And no, not every girl likes red roses. I’ve always been a tulip or a lily girl myself.

    (And I always read comments, no matter where they appear 🙂 )

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