Delusional people don’t make things up

I’m going to be taking a short blog-break for the next few days – I’m going up to the boat to visit the Crazy Canalman. Don’t expect any posts till Sunday afternoon at the earliest 🙂

Talk amongst yourselves and no breaking the furniture whilst I’m gone!

Oh, and those of you that haven’t yet, my Johari Window could do with some cleaning.

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5 thoughts on “Delusional people don’t make things up

  1. Yup, the Crazy Canalman is one of my Aged P’s (which is from Dickens, so it’s not insulting 😉 ) Not to be confused with the other CC, the Cute Canadian, who is (for reasons I sometimes have trouble remembering) my worse half. He likes to think he’s my better half, but this is my blog, so 😛 to that.

    As for why the Crazy Canalman? Well, he lives on a canal barge (photo here) and is more than a little odd. I am proof that, in many things, the apple does not fall far from the tree. Mad as hatters, the lot of us (in a good way).

    Yes, I’m back. Yes, I had a wonderful weekend. And no, I have no post for you right now. I’m a bit cream-crackered 🙂

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