Sunday Roast: I’m allergic to morning

Well, work is currently proving to be slightly more involving than I had planned for. This is good for me, because I don’t like to be bored, but bad for you because the Roast has suffered a bit this week. I’m still altering my routine to optimize the browsing/real-life balance, so perhaps next week will be a bit better?

Not being psychic, I can’t actually predict what next week will bring, but what I can do is bring you the best of last week:

Never a day goes by that I don’t thank our cousins across the ‘Pond for some wonderous bit of hilarity – this week was no exception. Seeing as how nothing I can say will make it any funnier, I’ll leave the headline to speak for itself. US Vice-President Cheney shoots man in hunt error. I do love the ambiguousness of the wording. First time I read it, I thought “hang on, Cheney was participating in a man-hunt?!”

Got a feeling that Darren’s blogging for beginners series is going to throw up a few gems of knowledge. No matter how long you’ve be doing something, there’s always something else you could be learning.

If you’ve got WordPress, or are thinking of moving to WP, you might find the following site very helpful, as it has a list of help topics. I’ve already bookmarked the one to do with moving hosts…

True? Not true? Who cares – Dewayne has some pictures from X-Men 3. Get ’em whilst they’re hot!

Just in case you missed it – when Valentines goes wrong…

CoComment is now live to public users and, rather than trying to fudge together and explanation myself (my brain is fried right now), I will let Kristin do the honors with her handy guide.

I’ve been playing around with the favicon for Bright Meadow lately (after Moose commented that most sites seemed to have one these days, I figured it was time to get down and dirty with photoshop), but as I absolutely suck at design and creating new things, I’ve had to fall back on a slightly wonky flower which is a hold over from ten site designs ago. It’s harder than it looks to create something recognisable in only 16×16 pixels! Anyway, hopefully this little tool found by Darren will make things a bit easier.

Oh, if anyone is hoping for Minion honours, designing me a pretty favicon might be a good start… 😉

Can the Transmit FTP application steal my heart away from Cyberduck? Paul seems to think it might.

And last, but by no means least, (I might be revealing my mean streak with this), this chocolate russian roulette game amuses me. Reminds me of the fun we used to have with the chili vodka they had at Revolution back in Liverpool. Only time I ever saw a grown Greek cry… (Fooling your friends into downing a chili vodka is an innocent pleasure Revolution denied us last time I went up for a visit – they now dye the drink red so you can’t confuse it with the clear stuff. Shame).

That’s your lot. I’m off to get some much needed shut-eye – whilst fun, this weekend was hardly relaxing, and I have to be up early tomorrow. Damn my landlord for demanding rent on a monthly basis.

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