Some Askimet Gems

I’ve got a mild problem with Askimet. Not a big one, but it bugs me. It doesn’t tell me which post has garnered the spam – not that I need this information, you understand, I’m just curious.

But it has collected me some gems in the time I’ve been away – some are remarkably zen-like and rather complimentary for something spawned by a spam-bot. Some of my favourites so far have to be:

  • Collective Gnome is always Central Girl Give Mistery is very good Circle.
  • I must say i got here by mistake, but now i know it’s destiny. Great site! Double Fetch Kill – … Red Soldier becomes Tremendous
  • Cool site! I’ll be back. when Pair is Pair it will Expect Opponents: url – which when I read it just now without my
    glasses looked like ‘penis wire. com’ Um, no, I’m not obsessed
    , Give Chips is very good Girl Win Do Hope – that is all that Cosmos is capable of , Slot can Expect Soldier TV can Increase Opponents.
  • A very friendly site. Have a nice day! to Expect Chair you should be very Greedy …

Aren’t spam bots getting all friendly now? Especially that last one. I almost didn’t want to delete it, it was so nice. I did delete it, but only after I had preserved it in this post.

Yes, I am sad. And yes, the observant among you will notice that this post isn’t exactly up to my usual standards, but -…. No, no excuses. Just tired and currently uninspired. Didn’t want to leave you with nothing to read. Aren’t I nice?

8 thoughts on “Some Askimet Gems

  1. yes you were nice to tell us something but you left us with even more unanswered questions.
    Why are you sad?
    Was it the spam or somthing bad while you were gone?
    Will the spam ever end?
    What can we do to cheer you back up?
    Should we hurt the evil spam senders so that you will be happy again?

    We are hoping you feel better soon!

  2. Dewayne –
    Sad as in the slang meaning pathetic, geeky, unfashionable.
    Spam doesn’t make me sad. It makes me resigned, disappointed, and occasionally angry if it is offensive/rude, but never sad.
    I doubt it will ever end, but if wishing would make it so…
    The fact that you asked how to cheer me up is sweet enough, and genuinely makes me smile, so consider your task complete 🙂

    And no, no hurting. Hurting people isn’t nice.

    I am feeling better thank you (not that I ever wasn’t feeling good actually) just surprisingly engrossed in the new job!

  3. How can you say you’re sad when you KNOW that the red soldier has finally achieved tremendousness and very good girl win DO hope? And you are a very good girl, Cas. So enjoy your do hope. heehee.
    Sounds like an exotic strain of marijuana to me.
    Thanks for the chuckle- uninspired or not, you still make me laugh.
    Many laughs with tremendous site good hope chuckles, in other words. And a penis or two thrown in.

  4. since the spammers knew WP and akismet, they play some tricks to get their comments approved by the webmaster. For those who don’t use akismet or another anti-spam plug ins will probably be fooled and approve those comments. Right after their comments are approved they start spamming. I do get those nice comments that came from spammers, too. I don’t feel sad when I get this, I laugh hehe.

  5. I must have missed the context that the word sad was used in. I am glad that you are not unhappy!
    Getting back into the swing of working can be a shock to the system and it does require a readjustment to everything, even a three day weekend like we just had in the US can cause minor issues, I got so tired yesterday that at lunch time I had to take a little catnap instead of eating lunch….

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