Missing, one groove

I’ve lost my groove. All this week I have been an image cropping and data entry queen. Easily the fastest in the office (Occupational Health be damned – I’m good at this job!). But today I just can’t get into it. I think the fact that it took me three attempts to get a computer that works (bloody hot-desking) should have clued me in to the fact today might be troublesome. Definitely a “Friday” and all that entails.

Even Enrique isn’t helping!

I think part of the trouble might be that I gave blood last night, something which has been known to throw me for a loop. Normally I can give with no problems, but this time was a bit harder. I have deep veins – once you’ve found them, they gush like Old Faithful – but they are hard to find, and I had a nurse who wasn’t experienced at the trickier sticks. She did find it, but after a fair degree of poking around, and I’ve been left with a bruise for the first time ever. Then they tried to poison me with squash (I’m allergic) as they had failed to provide any glasses for water or cups of tea. Grump. Still, I’ve got to have racked up a fair amount of karma from the ordeal, so that’s good.

Despite being bone-tired though, I do still have this irrational desire to dance around the office. This might have something to do with listening to Enrique and drinking insane quantities of tea. Then again, it might just have something to do with the fact that I am, let’s face it, really rather odd.

In the spirit of rounding up the week, the following are some of the things I’ve learnt lately:

  • Shift+tab moves to the previous field in a form. I was already aware that tab moved to the next field in a form, but I discovered shit+tab by accident this week. Very handy!
  • An office of ten people gets through a surprising amount of milk in a day in umpteen cups of tea.
  • A tray of ten mugs of tea weighs quite a lot.
  • Some parents should have been locked up for the names they bestowed on their children.
  • Never tell Occupational Health about:
    1. RSI (Repetitive Strain/Stress Injuries)
    2. CFS (Chronic Fatigue Syndrome)
    3. Lower back pain
  • Get nine women together in one room and much hilarity will ensue.
  • Add the token boy-temp (we have to have one, for diversities sake you understand) to the mix and you have a sexual harassment suit waiting to happen.
  • Turns out I still have a thing for tall red-heads. For my sins, I have no idea why – my brain is clearly just kinked that way.
  • Not having those last three days in February has really screwed up my mental calendar!
  • I want to start playing the piano again. I had a chance to tinkle the old ivories at one of the Courts we went to this week, and I’d forgotten how much I enjoyed playing. I was had also forgotten the degree of strength you need in your fingers to play properly. I haven’t played much since I gave up lessons in protest at an evil teacher when I was 16. My fingers are still limber from all the typing I do, but the pressure they can exert is woefully inadequate. I’ve been able to do an octave-plus stretch since I was about five, but right now my ring and little fingers are pathetic. Time, I think, to find me a cheap (but good) teacher in Southampton.

Now if you will excuse me, it’s taken me longer than ten minutes to type this post, so I have to take a break for 50 minutes now.
(Yes, Occy-Health wanted to limit me to one hour’s computing a day, only typing for ten minutes at a time. How that is even possible in a modern office environment I have no idea. I told them to take a running jump).

5 thoughts on “Missing, one groove

  1. Maybe when you gave blood.. they took you mojo. Could be possible *maybe* Hmmm I don’t think I noticed the mistake. Will re-read it and see. Hmmm
    *Confused* I still can’t find it… Tell me :'( Will keep checking until you reply

  2. It’s in the bit about shift+tab…

    (Which Moose was more than a little surprised that I didn’t know already. :redface_wp: )

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