Sunday Roast: you’re gonna love it!

I thought this was going to be a large ‘Roast… If you are curious as to how to make Firefox on the Mac fall flat on its face, try and open 100+ tabs at once. Yeah, my fault, I let the RSS build up for three days without checking. Gulp. Never going to do that again, I assure you! I really need to prune my feeds-list.

But, what with one thing and another, it’s turned out not to be of the same epic proportions of some of the better ‘Roasts. I think my mojo is still AWOL. Still, something is better than nothing, right? Enjoy πŸ™‚

So very cynical. I love it.

It’s never to late to come to the party – Liz has a great post all about how blogs are tools. attacked. *Bangs head against desk*
*Brings you another side of the debate*

And you wonder why women complain about running for the bus… (I need me a better sports bra. The current one is not quite up to the strain :S )

Worthy of the ‘Roast if only for the supreme beard and facial expression!

Ok, what you need to do is go to, go to the “David Pogue” section, and watch a few videos. The one that amused me most is the “Mobile Routers” one – worth it, if only for the shot of three Mini-Pogues all using laptops. Ok, so it is pronounced “Rooters” in most civilised countries, but we won’t hold it against the guy. If you were ever wondering why I still subscribe to the NYT? David Pogue is it πŸ™‚

And the Brainy Snail would like to suggest this site for the Sunday Roast. Her reasoning?
Everyone likes a good dino.
Well, can’t say fairer than that, can you?

And Brainy Snail? You are now a Blog Minion. Welcome πŸ™‚

That’s it for this week. I’m off to make a start on that quilt I promised for the Crazy Canalman this time last year :redface_wp:

10 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: you’re gonna love it!

  1. Hey, Cas,
    Thanks for the write up.

    As I was reading down I was wondering what it would cost to makes Successful-Blog SOB t-shirts. Think Brainy Snail would want to add them to her line . . . they could show a cool dinosaur blogging. πŸ˜›


  2. Great Idea! alternatively we could show a dino devouring a blogger. Kids would go for this gratuitous violence… it could even glow-in-the-dark (in the style of T-0012 T-Rex) :devil_tb:

  3. actually I should just point out that I have no financial affiliation with the above just having a frustrating sunday afternoon in my office, and a good dino-google always relieves tension.

  4. Dinosaurs and blogs… Now there is a mix to get some geek-kids wetting their pants in excitement!

    And SOB t-shirts? I’m in!

    Though I did have a comment from the Boy Temp the other night – he pointed out how unfair and mean t-shirts with writing on are to men (when worn by women). Apparently when he sees writing he automatically wants to read what it says. But when he does, he is then accused of staring at the woman’s breasts… I laughed and told him therein lies the beauty of such t-shirts. He accused me of being cruel and unusual.

    He has a point

  5. “Mojo” – you got that description from me (probably… I think I used that)

    I never knew you used a Mac! Which shiny, stylish mac do you own? I have a PowerMac G5 and a iMac (G5 2Ghz… Yes I know, I am outdated. But it isn’t even a year old!)

    “ to suggest this site for the Sunday Roast…..” – the link doesn’t work for me. Very intrigued if it was enough to get brainy snail a promotion. (altho there are probably other reason.)

    “What matters is people….” – don’t know why that sucks, I have to disagree with hugh.

    If you are getting t-shirts, CafePress! Fairly cheap… πŸ˜›

  6. Pah. Fiffle and piffle to the other sites. I had lots of fun playing with computer generated boobs. Just what one needs in the morning while waiting for the coffee to percolate. Ahhh….

  7. Crazy,
    Nope, sorry, didn’t get mojo from you. For my sins everlasting, I got it from Austin Powers way back when. But that’s what I love about words! For some reason, a word will slip into common usage, and people start to forget where it came from, making it start to mean different things.

    Yes, I have a shiny shiny Mac. A 12″ PowerBook G4 to be precise. Mines even more mature than yours. 1 Ghz and old enough that DVD writeable drives didn’t come as standard… I love it though and, whilst I’m starting to lust after a newer and (I must admit it) faster Mac, I wouldn’t get rid of this one.

    The site works for me :S – Some funky t-shirts with dinosaurs on them πŸ™‚

    And the rest of you? Figured the breast one would amuse you. It had me sitting there with my arms folded, wincing, and wondering why we were built with breasts in the first place, but that’s just me.

    Oh, and Josh? See, the Brits are good for something after all πŸ˜€ Once, we ruled over the majority of the world. Now, we make jiggling breast simulators. About equal importance, wouldn’t you say?


  8. I thought that you had got mojo from Austin Powers… just being difficult. But why do you say “way back”. Tis only a few years. If memory serves πŸ˜›
    Site works for me now. Interesting t-shirts indeed, altho I have to say I wouldn’t want to wear one πŸ˜›
    The PowerBook is awesome. Wanted one but never got round to getting it. I am looking eyes widely at the MacBook Pro, but decided to wait till April 1st to see what they bring out on their 30 years anniversary.

  9. Even if I had enough cash lying around to be able to afford a new Mac (I can barely afford a pocket calculator right now), I’d wait off on the MBP – follow the cardinal rule of ALL Apple purchases. Never buy first gen!

    That, and the following reasons:
    1) I want a 12″ model. No reason, I am just in love with my current one. So very, very portable.
    2) Half the programs I use lots (especially photoshop) don’t run smoothly on Rosetta, so I’d have to have two computers up and running. Hassle.
    3) I need a dial-up modem still for travel and the like and the hassle of having to pack an external is, well, hassle!
    4) … I have reasons. Not well articulated ones, but I have them. Mainly, it would be just sad to ditch my current Mac πŸ™

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