I’m going to Canada, I’m going to Canada…!

*does a little happy dance*

Booked the tickets last night – going to be out there from 6th April to 11th of April. Not as long either of us would have liked, but better than not being there at all.

*does a little happy dance again*

:clap_tb: :clap_tb: :clap_tb:

6 thoughts on “Excitement!

  1. If I remember to pack my camera in the shiny new suitcase I just bought. And if there is anything worthy to take pictures of. I’ve already been warned I won’t be doing much sight seeing.
    😉 :rolleyes_wp:

  2. *resists the urge to make a crude comment*

    Ummm… he might have a scenic view from the bedroom window…?

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