Too Good to Delete part 2

I just checked Askimet before I signed off for the night as is my habit (once or twice proper comments get caught up, and I hate for people to feel left out or unloved) and was greeted by this most superb piece of spam I have seen in a while. I have no idea which post deserved such a message, and I’ve now sent it to the firey depths, but I did screenshot it so you can share in its glory.

Normism spam image

It’s not so much the content of the message itself that made me smile, but what awaits you if you go to the site mentioned. Truly, truly worth a visit, if you are so inclined.

3 thoughts on “Too Good to Delete part 2

  1. Oh ok exciting
    *clickty* lets have a looksey. Will get back to you… I hope it is something interesting, although nothing will ever beat Hufu I think, could be wrong.

  2. I was hesitating to describe in further depth what awaited at the end of the link, on the off chance I offended some follower of Norm (you never can be sure who reads a blog), but yes, f***ed up is a pretty accurate description. Definitely one to be read in a “you what now?” frame of mind.

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