Of all the bizarre search phrases that have brought people to my blog, “Chiropractor christian .u.k.” has to be one of the oddest. Who knows what post gets you that search result… :blink_tb:

5 thoughts on “uh-huh

  1. 😛 to you too.

    I’m also intrigued as to how Christian chiropractors differ from regular ones? Do they offer extra services? Or do they guarantee not to offer extra services? It could go either way, if you think about it.

    Christian’s as a whole do make a wicked cup of tea (or should that be a saintly cup?) and can normally be relied upon to have tasty biscuits for us poor roadshow staff, so perhaps Christian chiropractors are genuinely better.

    Any one got any experiences they would care to share?

  2. I think Christians aim to be more responsive, patient, and generally more compassionate towards the people. No hating on you non-Christians, just a perspective :). I guess with Chiropractors, people might think they would get a service that is patient and caring towards them in their pain. Ad

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