Sunday Roast: a buoyant penguin with a spring in my waddle

So not only is this week’s Roast very small, it is actually being written on Friday night and set to publish itself on Sunday morning. All being well, the Brainy Snail will have something to read with her morning coffee (I got told off for the posting later and later each week). The way my week is going however, chances are you won’t be reading this till I come back on Sunday evening and beat seven kinds of hell out of my server.

So, whenever you are reading this, enjoy 🙂

The Archbishop of Canterbury has said that he is not very comfortable with the teaching of creationism in schools. Finally! Someone making sense on the debate. And it is a leader of the Church of England! You could have knocked me down with a feather.* I did have a link to the NYT coverage of this story as well (ah, bless the Americans. So delightfully mixed up), but I lost it. That can be your homework 😀
*Trying hard not to let own personal beef with the C of E flavour the post. Clearly failing. Sorry. Will try harder.

The BBC have a worry report about the severe misdiagnosis of angina in women.

I haven’t linked to Danah in a while, so it makes me happy to bring you her wonderful views on MySpace vs. Friendster. I know I’m not actively researching this stuff anymore, but it still interests me. Read, inwardly digest, and discuss.

Whilst I’m not a problogger (heaven forbid, it would take all the fun out of it!), I have been a bit narked at seeing some of my content republished on other blogs. Quite why anyone would want to republish my content is a topic for another day. Darren over at ProBlogger has kicked off a discussion about just this – Should sites republish a blog’s content? (Not surprisingly, the weight of opinion currently rests firmly in the “it’s my content so why should they make money out of it?” campsite).

I am renowned the world over as the universes’ worst morning person. Ever. I’ve been told that I am “adorable” when I just wake up, but the CC is a strange boy, so he doesn’t really count. Everyone else agrees on one thing – if you see me before my morning cup of Assam, run in the opposite direction. Fast. Certainly don’t make eye contact.
So when I stumbled across Steve’s tips on how to become an early riser, I was intrigued. I already (more or less) follow this plan – go to bed when tired, wake up same time each day, get straight out of bed. Apart from weekends. I like to sleep like the dead on weekends. Perhaps that is where I am going wrong?… *ponders* Somehow, the desire to be a cheerful person when the clock still reads single digits is just not strong enough to overcome the desire to stay snuggled under the covers for as long as humanly possible. I present this article to you not as a “I will be doing this” thing, but as a “I know I should be doing this, but I won’t, but I find the idea a worthy one, so perhaps one of you is a stronger person than I am” thing.

The Odyssey continues. Josh’s attempt to break free of the tyranny of RSS that is. Going through the same thing myself (more or less) at the moment, I am deeply interested in how Josh is going about things. I’m still at the “I know I have too many feeds but can’t bring myself to delete anything” stage. It’s gonna be a while before I get past the denial I think.

That’s it. All done.
Where am I this weekend that I have to play around with advance publishing? I’m back at the homestead with Curly Durly, being nice to her on Mother’s Day, and starting to clear through the 20 odd years of crap that have accumulated in my room and the loft in preparation for house-moving. Ugh. Hope you had a great weekend without me!

8 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: a buoyant penguin with a spring in my waddle

  1. Hey Cas,

    Regarding cutting back on feeds… basically what I did was keep the feeds I really, really want to keep up on. I got rid of feeds that were mostly publishing duplicate stuff day after day. I got rid of a ton of web design feeds, not because I’m not interested, but because I just don’t have time to keep up on them. It’s rather ironic. I wanted to read web design feeds to better my web design skills, but since I was spending so much time keeping up on the feeds, I didn’t have much time left over to actually practice designing.

    I still have quite a few feeds – 44, says Bloglines, at the moment – but that’s less than half of what I had before. I’ve also made it a habit to check my feeds one time a day, usually in the evening. That way I don’t burn up countless minutes throughout the day logging in and reading 2 or 3 new items constantly.

    And, as an aside – obviously, since I saw this post, you’re still on the list. 🙂

  2. I should say something meaningful and intelligent here, but I can’t think of anything. Train travel has sapped my will to comment. I shall, then, content myself with a “hello, I’m back” and a “I will try and have a better reply for you tomorrow”


  3. That is indeed the link, thank you Dewayne (sorry it got snarled up in the moderation queue for a few hours. All happy now)


  4. gald you got the post up on time, unfortuantely i missed it this sunday (bah!) but i have had fun reading it today instead ! Good work. :clap_tb: :clap_tb: :clap_tb:

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