Sunday Roast: I want to lie, shipwrecked and comatose

Just a mini Roast to keep you occupied till I get back on the 12th:

It’s not often I get all excited about Firefox extensions, or not excited enough to Roast them anyways, but Stuart of Design Meme has built the X-Ray extension which sweetly displays the coding on a given page without having to view the source. Very, very sweetly done.

Whilst the grass-stains would be phenomenal, this grass armchair looks amazing! Like the turf has been draped over a chair left on the lawn. Hell to get the mower on it, but classy to look at!

A List Apart have a great piece on how identity matters in online communities. Something to think about whilst you drink your morning cup of coffee.

Apparently, America Online is to rebrand as AOL. Now, I (and most of my associates) have been calling them F***ing AO Hell for many years now, (rude, but gets the sentiment across nicely I feel), so a rebrand is going to help how, exactly?

Everyone knows you should never by the first gen of anything, and this rule holds doubly true for Apple products. Even if they work fine, they are guaranteed to be made obsolete with the very first upgrade that comes along. So it comes as no real surprise when Apple acknowledges flaws with the new MacBookPro and announces that they will be releasing version two which is miles better. Bought yourself a MacBookPro already? You should have listened to Aunty Cas… (Still, you will always have the dubious honour of having on of the first MacBookPro’s before they become commonplace).

And for my nuclear historian flatemate, some footage of nuclear tests set to the William Tell Overture.

3 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: I want to lie, shipwrecked and comatose

  1. They still call themselves America Online in North America. We know them as AOL in the UK cos they’re being sneaky and trying to pretend they’re not American – who here would buy services from them otherwise??

    I particularly liked that Boing Boing noted the music accompanying the nuclear footage was the theme tune to the Lone Ranger before saying it was the William Tell Overture. Not particularly well suited to pictures, or well timed. I’ll stick with Bert the Turtle thanks:

    And of course the updated version:

  2. you go on holiday to visit your boyfriend, whom you haven’t seen for several months due to pesky immigration rules and a large body of water, and you’re checking your email?!! Crazy woman. :doh_tb:

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