Sunday Roast: good heavens, people!

I have some potentially bad news for car lovers out there – that manufacturer of beautiful cars, TVR, is in danger again. I’ve long lusted after a TVR, and that they’re British makes them even better, so I would be all 🙁 if they had to shut.

Continuing in the spirit of last week’s 50 51 book-to-movie adaptations you should see, I bring you the 101 102 movies you should have seen. As the author of the list says, these aren’t necessarily great movies, but they are the movies that form part of our cultural narrative. I have, for my sins, seen the majority of these.

Because no Sunday is complete without one: a picture of the penguin from Evangelion. See! Evil!

Ok, I’m worried now, because apparently rambling posts are bad posts. *eek* That’s not true, right? There can be good rambles? Please, I need some reassurance here!

For those languishing still in Internet Explorer 6 hell, I bring you the release of Internet Explorer 7 (in beta 2 format). There’s no way I’m gonna be able to critique this for you, so you’re gonna have to go play yourselves. And let me know how ugly Bright Meadow still looks in IE. If you do try it, welcome to the world of tabbed browsing – glad you could finally join us 😀

John August has a great mini-rant about how air vents are for air. (In a screenwriting context that is. Most of us humble beings are already aware of this simple piece of logic). (Oh, and reminder, no Lost spoilers please. Season Two starts this Tuesday over here, and I will be very unhappy if people tell me what happens before I get to see it).

I never thought the day would come that I would write the word “flatulence” on this blog, but that day has come, , so I guess that just goes to show I don’t know everything. Experts make a flatulence free bean. I can think of nothing that I can say which will add to the inherent humour in this article. I’m sure you’ll prove me wrong in the comments 😉

If Scrivs is to be believed a sign of a great blog is audience participation. This once, I am in total agreement with the chap. I’ve said it before, and no doubt I’ll say it again, but comments are what makes blogs special. They are a good part of what keeps me going with Bright Meadow. If I visit a blog where my comments are ignored, time over time, then I am less likely to comment there again, and I have to seriously reconsider if the place is worth my time (one blog got zapped from the rss reader for just this crime only yesterday). That’s not to say that all blogs with no comments/minimal participation are bad, just they have to be very very good for me to stay. What’s the point of having something in a medium designed to get people involved, and then ignore the very people you are talking to? It’s just plain rude.

Dewayne already pointed this out a few posts back, but in case you missed it – my favourite service, coComment, has released an extension for Firefox. Had this running for a couple of days now, and I haven’t got a single niggle to report. Loving it.

Lastly, we here at Meadow Towers could do with some help – Moose rescued a coriander plant from Morrisons the other day, and now it looks all droopy and half dead. Is coriander meant to be this floppy?
(click to see the picture bigger)

Talking, as I was today about comments and CoCo, thank you all so very very much for making Bright Meadow the fourth most commented blog in the last ten days! (Ok, so that’s only the fourth most commented blog as tracked by coComment, and it doesn’t include comments not made by a CoCo-user, but it’s a BIG deal for me, as perhaps you can tell by the prevalence of exclamations points in this paragraph! 😀 )
Pictographic proof on Flickr
Where you can look at the constantly changing rankings yourself

5 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: good heavens, people!

  1. As I was just saying to my friend the other day – not the one you may have heard of, but the other one who has a french poodle. Frightful little animals, and this one is addicted to cola. Just like Boris Johnson. Which reminds me, for some reason, of Moloko, possibly because the best remix of their classic “Sing It Back” was done by Boris DuGlosch. Now where was I – oh yes, as I was just saying to my friend the other day, I can’t help but ramble at times. And now it seems I am under fire for this penchant of mine. Although not by the antler clad one above. Ripping stuff.

  2. The coriander looks pretty unhappy to me. Lack of water? Or, if the soil is saturated, maybe too much water. Ah the finickiness of plants, especially the ones you can eat. You should make sure that plants such as coriander have a deep pot to grow in (at least a foot deep) because of the long taproot. That could be the simple problem… it’s crowded.

  3. I just feel sorry for the poor plant – it thinks it has been rescued from death in the supermarket, then it gets repotted, and loved. Little suspecting that it is soon to be massacred in the cause of well-seasoned food.

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