Blog Minion Bonanza!

Seems like it’s that time again. Another few people have inveigled their ways into my affections lately, and have done nice things for/around Bright Meadow.

Firstly it’s the turn of Dewayne. The man has an insanely long blogroll, but Bright Meadow got on there somehow a ways back, and Dewayne’s been a steady commenter ever since. What sterling service has propelled him into the ranks of Minionhood? Well, taking the time to track down an explanation of Morris Dancing is the latest that springs to mind.

Congratulations Dewayne. It couldn’t happen to a nicer bloke 🙂

The next minions are a slight departure for me. I’ve hummed and haa-ed over whether they qualify or not, but I finally plumped down on the side of “why the frell not? It’s my blog and I want to”.

Now, normally Minions are individuals who have participated over a period of time and have become part of the furniture. In a nice way of course. However, in my own mind there are also the people who, whilst they may not be regular visitors to the blog, take the time to help when they can. A case in point is the good people from coComment who have been stopping by over the last couple of days to help out with the whole “blog integration” thing. Logically you would expect a company dedicated to making conversation on the web better to have their people out and about, helping where they can, but it is still a bit of a surprise when they descend in the middle of your own blog.

Trust me on this.

So for all those times they have turned up, said nice things, and helped to rescue the kitten from the tree (and for fixing some very odd behavior regarding permalinks), I would like to name the entire coComment team honorary Blog Minions, with a special shout-out to nicolas and Chris.

Thank you guys – you’ve given the Internet a tool I think is genuinely exciting, and more importantly made me smile. Keep up the good work 😀

Everyone, have a button. What you do with them is totally up to you. (This is a revamped design I came up with late on a Friday evening after a hard week’s work and a workout at the gym. Feel free to use the older style button, design your own button, or just not take one away with you at all. I promise not to be upset 😉 )
new minion button
For more on what it means to be a Minion, read read this page here, and feel free to interrogate those made Minion before you.

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10 thoughts on “Blog Minion Bonanza!

  1. WOOOHOOOO!!! I’m a Minion! I’m a Minion. Does a Morris Dance! There is a good reason for a man to do a Morris Dance. Thanks Cas, I am so happy to earn the coveted Minion Status. It is easy to be a steady commentor you always have new and interesting content that makes it a pleasure to return to your blog almost every day!

  2. Finally! Congrats Dewayne. 🙂

    Becoming a Minion is a very joyous experience, Cas. 😉

  3. I feel ashamed – Dewayne is so much dedicated than me I really don’t think I deserve minion status. What do I do for Cas (other than buy her bendy protractors)? I must put in more effort.

  4. The coComment team is really incredibly helpful. They take all your suggestions and are quick to give good answers. I’m glad the integration process went well for you.

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  6. RIB: words cannot express how delighted it makes me to know I bring you joy! 😉 :p

    Moose: you let me borrow milk for morning tea when I run out. This is not just a kindness to me, but a kindness to everyone who has the misfortune to meet me in the morning, and as such, enough to guarantee you Minion status for life.

    Phu: Yup, minions. In conversation with some Minions and potential-Minions last night (I’ve discovered that telling people you have Minions is a great ice-breaker down the pub) it’s been decided that I will be taking over the Universe, and will delegate the actual running of things to my Minions. The way I figure it, the Universe is big enough – everyone will get their own planet to run, whilst I go more for the ‘benign overlord who doesn’t actually do the work’ role.

    Easton: Yes, they are wonderful people. I’d like and use the service anyway, but that the team are so nice makes it even better. And welcome to Bright Meadow 🙂

  7. In conversation with…. I sort of wonder why I wasn’t included in this conversation. Are there like minion gatherings or events that I should know about? Or prehaps a mailing list I was not put on?

  8. No, no mailing list Crazy. That’s far too organised! As for minion gatherings, that’s a great idea, but marginally impractical considering the geographical distances and financial constraints involved. That being said, any time you are in the area, you are MORE than welcome to the impromptu gathering that will undoubtedly ensue 😀

    Despite that, there are some minions who live within easy distance of me (i.e., in my very flat or just a ten minute walk away), or minions I’ve known for an absolute age so have managed to wangle the secret of my msn address from me. Or (heaven forfend) actually know what my mobile number is. In the course of day to day life, I am occasionally forced to actually talk to these people and, because I am a sad geek, often-times the blog gets mentioned, or something we chat about gets blogged.

    I am sorry if I’ve left you feeling all excluded. That was bad of me. Cas is all 🙁 now.

    (Though you’ve given me a thought… Good Minion-Crazy 🙂 )

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