Sunday Roast: like living inside a bouncy castle

Blame the lateness of todays Roast on my chronic need to go dancing. The rock-chick in me hasn’t been out to play in an embarrassingly long time and, fed up with hearing me say “I need to go dancing!” over and over at work, last night illyna took pity on me and we all went out for a night on the tiles. We bumped into the Boy Temp at the end of the evening, and he seemed a little surprised to see us in the particular venue (the Dungeon, an old favourite). To be honest, the surprise was two way as he likes Chico for Pete’s sake!

Anyway, a late night/early morning, a few glasses of alcohol, and lots of dancing, isn’t exactly conducive to early-morning posting. I’d apologize, but I had far too much fun to feel bad 😀

So without more ado, or further gilding the lily, I shall shut up and leave you with the things that have tickled my fancy this week on the Web.

The BBC tells us that a cloaking device is theoretically possible. Cool!

Good news UK Lost fans! And those who heard about season One, tried to watch the start of season Two last week, but are feeling all at sea… Channel 4 have the entire of the first season for download for free, and each episode from the second season will be available for 99p per episode. Looks like it is Windows only, which is a downside, but handy if you happen to miss a show and can’t be bothered to wait on repeats. Lost microsite where you can download episodes for free.

Kiefer Sutherland talks about plans for a “24” movie. Now, whilst none of us in the office are too sure how the concept of 24 will translate to a movie, this is pretty exciting news that it is actually happening.

illyna is continuing her work as a Minion, sending me this link about a guy who nearly got shot playing WoW. There are pictures, but it looks like he’s exceeded his bandwidth for now. Not surprising really considering the link is spreading round the Net rather rapidly. If you ever needed a reason NOT to have guns in the house, this is probably one of the better ones – not only are you putting yourself and your family at risk, but you’re also putting innocent neighbours and gamers at risk. Repeat after me: “Guns are not my friend, guns are bad, I shall not prance about in the bathroom pretending to be James Bond with a loaded .44 Magnum”…

Bryan has a nice thought provoking piece about how blogging can screw your employment chances. Worrying thought really – a quick vanity search didn’t reveal Bright Meadow links till about page four, and even then I stand by everything I say on this blog, but it does make you think. What kind of impression am I leaving with this site?

And to wrap up the weekend, one reason (not) to buy pirate DVDs. The linked to screenshots are hysterical!

22 thoughts on “Sunday Roast: like living inside a bouncy castle

  1. Oh that is wonderful. My favourite bit has to be:

    Where are the female cast members plugging in their hair straighteners?


  2. I think a “24” movie would be grand! It would be the first 24 hour long film…

    or it would be 2 hours long and then Jack would get killed at the end.

  3. For sure, he must mean Jack Bauer…

    Don’t worry, Surly’s a big softy really. I’ll protect you should it turn out he has a vendetta against all men called Jack 😀

  4. Thank you, Cas—I feel safer already!
       BTW a few more movies with dodgy subtitles are linked from here—though they are not as good as Star Wars, Episode III.

  5. Having only just twigged that Dr Who has started again, I watched all 4 episodes last night.

    Top quote. Top top top top quote. 😀

  6. Jack, those links are hilarious! Near got me in trouble with the boss, as I was looking at them over lunch, got a bit too engrossed, and lost track of time. Ooops. Worth it though 😀

    And JB, I was wondering when someone was gonna twig on that quote. Abso-fricking-lutely hilarious. That, and “Chav-tastic”. Tee hee, love Dr Who 😀

  7. I liked The Interpreter (Nicole Kidman: ‘Willy, Willy, Willy’) and Fahrenheit 9-11 (Bush’s lawyer: ‘Oh shit’). Guess we’ll see the good doctor later in the year after you Brits have finished the first season of Tennant episodes.

  8. I don’t want to spoil anything for you, but he does make a great Doctor. I thought Christopher Eccleston was perfect as the Dr, then I saw David Tennant in the role, and now I can’t think of anyone better. So very, very fun, but so great at the sad stuff as well.

    *shivers in delight*

    This is geeky to admit, but I actually arranged a night out last week around Dr Who. It was a case of “I can arrive at your house BEFORE Dr Who, or AFTER Dr Who, but not during”. Which was ok, because the person whose house I was going to was like “You can arrive BEFORE Dr Who, or AFTER, but not during” 😀 Very sad. But the first step to recovery is admitting you have a problem, right?

  9. I now look forward to David Tennant in the role. I, too, thought (and still think, till I see David) that Christopher Eccleston’s ‘The Northern Fonz as Dr Who’ approach was the best—for once the Doctor was contemporary and someone I could identify with, rather than a curly-haired guy with a massive scarf, or a former vet with a costume pinched from a Batman villain.
       I did hear that the second season of these Welsh Doctor Whos have a smaller budget, and that was one reason for Mr Eccleston’s decision to quit the series. Is there any truth to this, and does the series suffer from a lower budget?
       I fear I do not have the same problem but regret it, for I missed the final episode of the last season due to going out. Never saw the regeneration from ninth to tenth Doctors.

  10. the official reason for Christopher Eccleston quitting was that he didn’t want to be typecast as the Doctor. As for budget cuts, I haven’t heard anything or noticed anything in the first 4 episodes. I doubt there is a smaller budget – this is the BBC’s flagship programme for Saturday nights, a huge ratings winner. it’s Chav-tastic! 😀

  11. If you missed the regen episode, did you at least see the Christmas special? (Or hasn’t that reached your far-flung shores yet either?) That was brilliant. David Tenant can even act whilst wearing a dressing gown.

    I also doubt there’s been budget cuts. If anything, it’s bigger and better than before. And there’s gonna be a spin-off series out in the summer (I think) called Torchwood. With Captain Jack. What more could a geek-girl want? 😀 (Or for that matter, geek-boy, as I’m sure there will be some top totty as well).

  12. Thanks, Moose—that’s good to hear. I was always so disappointed when Doctor Who went from film to videotape during Pertwee.
       The Christmas episode didn’t air here, Cas—pity. I have heard about it and saw it mentioned in Wikipedia. Still regret not seeing Billie Piper save the universe.
       Bring on Torchwood! Any heads-up on the female lead?

  13. I was very embarrassed when it turned out a five year old kid had noticed Bad Wolf everywhere when I had been oblivious till the big reveal *blush*

    If you didn’t see the regen, do you know the solution to the Bad Wolf puzzle?

  14. Yes, I read it on a fan site after I missed the episode—which made it sound all that much better … and nothing on TorrentSpy, either. I’ll have to wait till a re-run to see it, I guess—the DVD is available here but I am not big enough a fan to pay to buy it.
       I saw ‘Bad Wolf’ graffitied on the Tardis, and, of course, it was mentioned more overtly as the name of a corporation in the last few episodes.

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