Wanted, one friendly human

Continuing a (very) occasional series, I bring you the latest that Akismet has caught for me in it’s shiny net.

The highlight for me was the suit worn by the first dog in space which was inside the cabinet. It looked very comical but was in fact genuine and not just a corset with a plastic snout stuck on top.

My highbrow argument goes something like “Because of Joy King and Steve Orenstein, silly!”

Frivolous bastardisation of our punctuation is one of the key witness to the current decline of our wonderful nation.

It was really nice to see Robbie and cycle round the pubs of Oxford with him. He needs to find some mates, though, and some artistic inspiration. Any friendly humans in Oxford?

The mind does boggle about how the decision is made as to which phrases to program into the spam-bots.

That, and I hope Robbie finds a friend soon.

2 thoughts on “Wanted, one friendly human

  1. I am starting to think I want to have Akismet’s babies.
    Maybe that’s going to far.
    Ok, I want to be godparent to Akismet’s babies…
    Wait, that entails a whole religious conversion that ain’t happening any time soon.
    Got it.
    I want to be the groovy aunt to Akismet’s babies 😀

    The spam is getting better, I must agree. It’s definitely getting harder to differentiate between spam and genuine comments. I have one thread that just keeps getting spammed, and I wish I knew why!

    Then again, if we understood the mysteries of how spammers worked, it would be a whole lot easier to block them and we wouldn’t need Akismet.

    (Do you think I’ve used ‘akismet’ enough in this comment to make it rank REAL high in Google? Once more because I can… Akismet rules!)

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