Short question

Ok, I’m hoping there’s some clever person who understands the vagaries of the K2 mod reading this blog, because I am stumped.

How the frell do I order the pages as they appear in the header at the top? Contact shouldn’t be in the middle, it should be on the end!
It should go:
Blog, About, Blog Minions, Bright Cast, Links, Contact.

And can I get it to do that? No.


On a related note, how can I make it so a page doesn’t automatically appear in the header bar? There’s one or two pages I want to have, but I only have so much real estate at the top of the screen, and anyways those pages wouldn’t fit there.

There’s probably some really obvious solution that entails messing around with the advanced settings and custom fields or something, but I am drawing a blank. It’s not a big thing, but it is bugging me.

2 thoughts on “Short question

  1. To order the pages is simple…go into admin, manage, pages, select whichever page, and there is a “Page Order” field… if, for example, you want the contacts page at the end… just type an overly large number.
    As for hiding pages in the header, i would go for a php solution… and shall look in to it soon, when I have time between exams, should be a problem.

  2. Hey-hey! You’re not just a pretty face, are you?
    *huggles* oh wonderous blog minion!
    And good luck in your exams 🙂

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