Ok, I’m quietly having a nightmare here.

Mail refuses point blank to open, so I can’t get into any of my mail accounts. I’m in the process of setting up Thunderbird, and doing fancy things with forwards etc, but I have to go out in *checks watch* 15 minutes, so I really don’t have time to play.

(Have I mentioned lately how much I hate technology?)

While I get things sorted out, if you need to get hold of me use either the gmail address with my real name in it (if you know it, then you’ll know what I mean) or cas.brightmeadow AT

And on that note, I am off to play – it’s the Boy Temp’s leaving do tonight, and I plan to have fun.

9 thoughts on “Nightmare

  1. Nope. Mail is deader than the proverbial.
    I’m slowly getting to grips with Thunderbird and getting assorted email accounts set up properly – you don’t realise how much you have tweaked and customised a given program till you have to reset-up and customise another one. I don’t have a frelling clue about half the filters I had set up in Mail…

    And of course there is no easy way to import everything from Mail to Thunderbird, or to get my Apple Address book talking nicely to the Thunderbird Address book. I repeat, sometimes I hate technology!

    I will be doing a reinstall on Mail soon, mainly because I want to get to the emails I had saved in assorted folders.

    (And yes, all my email can be checked via webmail, but I have four accounts I use all the time, and it’s just too much hassle to keep checking them manually).

  2. Does Mail just bounce in the Dock then go away? Is there a crash report in your logs (look in Console)?

    The easiest fix to try would be to remove Mail’s prefs from ~/Library/Preferences

  3. Ok, zapped Mail’s preferences, and now Mail opens… But of course, none of the accounts are set up. How do I get them from the old (obviously buggered) mail.plist to the new one?

  4. I have just spent a very fulfilling and helpful 30 minutes with the Man from Orange. I was trying to set up a GPRS connection for when I am away, and it was all going horribly wrong. Now it’s not, so hats off to Oange and help desks everywhere.


  5. And… that was my father who just commented! (I think he meant it to be on the “please be nice” post, and somehow he managed to comment as me, but we’ll forgive him 😀 )

    Not totally sure of the wisdom in letting one of the Aged P’s have the URL for my blog, but – ah, what the heck.

    Say hello to my father, people 😀

  6. Hello and welcome Cas’ father. 🙂 I think we should all thank you, because we wouldn’t have Cas or this blog if it wasn’t for you, so thank you. 🙂

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