Moving Pixies

The strangest things go missing when you move office. As a by-the-by, 24 hours from notification you have to move office to being fully installed in the new office has to be a record. And I mean 24 hours – confirmation of move 14:30 Tuesday. Confirmation of where moving to 08:30 Wednesday morning. Everything in truck by 10:30. Everything networked back together in new location by 14:00 Wednesday afternoon. Our in-house movers rule.

But anyway the oddest things are missing.

A blank piece of plastic that used to cover the space where a floppy disk drive could be on my computer.

Two of our eight rubbish bins.

Half a foot rest.

The washing-up liquid.

We also seemed to have gained a printer and computer base-unit – just waiting on the panicked emails from whoever they really belong to!

But yes, our in-house movers are really rather good at their job. Next time I move flat, I’m gonna see if they’ll move my stuff for me! I mean, we had a George Clooney and an Andrew Flintoff look-alike on the team, so it can’t be that bad 😉

6 thoughts on “Moving Pixies

  1. Long story which I am not a liberty to tell you about unfortunately.

    We’re all happy and shiny in our new office now, which is good. What isn’t good is that we are probably going to be on the hunt for another office by early July. Ah well, you could never accuse this job of being boring!

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