Is anyone experiencing difficulties with commenting?

I have noticed over the last few days that sometimes the page hangs after submitting the comment, never refreshing and showing the new comment in place. Twice just now I also got directed to instead of the proper page.

Clearly not appropriate behaviour, and I have a sneaking feeling something to do with the coComment integration. Now, is this behaviour just attacking me because my blog has taken an irrational dislike to me, or are other people experiencing it as well?

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  1. I’ve had no problems, but I have noticed that your 9rules post is missing a reply (it says there are 22, but when you read it, there are 21)

  2. I get it on Firefox – don’t tell me that IE is the only browser WITHOUT problems for once?!

    Ok, I’m off to fiddle with my template.

    And RIB – the 22 is total number of responses. If you look below the comments but just above the ‘leave a reply’ box you will see a section marked ‘what’s being said elsewhere about this post’. The missing comment is there, really as a trackback where the post is referenced on another blog. I’m still trying to work out how I can get it to count comments and trackbacks/pingbacks separately.

  3. Hmmm… I’m getting a lag in posting, followed by an error page, now. But the post is there. Weird.

  4. Oh this is bloody ridiculous.

    Please ignore ALL these comments people – I apologise if you have subscribed to comments. I will get this sorted out asap.

  5. So it actually looks like something is borked on my end and not comment. Bugger.

    So much for a quiet evening in front of the TV. Instead I have to roll back some changes I made over the weekend. I really should learn that tinkering is NOT a good idea.


    *dives into some code*

  6. I give up for now. The universe clearly hates me and I have to go try and remember everything I changed at the weekend.

    *grumble, grumble*

    For now, everyone just use IE 😉

  7. Sandbox it – easiest way to do changes and find out if they have caused any issues. I play in mine a lot – just simple ghost of my sites but works for me.

  8. Yes, borked. Technical term for ‘buggered’.

    I have NO idea what is going on. Somewhere between about 8am this morning and when I came home, something died. I remember commenting fine this morning… And I’ve done nothing all day! Perhaps it is the great WP gods in the sky telling me it is time to upgrade to 2.0 and the latest version of K2?

    Argh! I’m leaving this for now. Who knows – it seemingly broke itself, so perhaps it can mend itself?

    And Tammie – I never really saw the need to sandbox before as I don’t do that much ‘playing’. Now though, I’m really regretting. Well, you learn the hard way. You can rest assured I won’t be doing it again!

  9. Wait, I’m not sure if you’re using AJAX for your comments, but if you are, then cocomment is the culprit. I’ve seen it happen on other blogs with AJAX commenting and after turning it off (the AJAX), it works for them.

  10. Oooh, I didn’t see that you’re using WordPress 1.5.x and an older K2 version. I think it’s time for you to do some serious upgrading. It’s taking a long time for the comment to actually post, that’s not good.

  11. Well hello again Nicolas and Chris. Please tell me you have an answer for me… Though I am pretty certain I eliminated coComment as my culprit and that it is something my end having hiccups. Why is it I only seem to see you guys when things go wrong! 😀

    And Edrei, no – it isn’t AJAX commenting. That got turned off way back in February. The taking the long time to post the comment is part of the problem. *sigh*

  12. The amount of times I have learnt only when something goes wrong…. hence the always no matter how small / not working on, put the site in sandbox as a keep safe measure. i like the think of such times as the fault of the machine elves – the little sods keep busy about the net 🙂

  13. I never have problems making coments… I do occassionally have problems making POLITE comments however…

    (OS 10.4.6, Safari)

  14. Right. Let’s see if it is working at the moment (I didn’t get a chance to play with it yesterday at all…) This is on IE at work.

    EDIT! And it didn’t even delay!

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  16. I’m running into the comment issue as well… add a comment and I get wp-comments-post.php show up blank in my browser ( Did you manage to resolve yours? I guess I’ll find out 😀

    If so, what was the problem?


  17. Hello Ray, welcome to Bright Meadow,

    And yes, I did manage to resolve the issue. After much code-searching at my end it turned out to be a problem with coComment being integrated with the blog. Due to the integration comments are submitted to coComment before they are submitted to the blog and, when coComment breaks, the whole house of cards comes tumbling down.

    I’m sorry, I have no idea what might be causing your problem.

  18. Ever since the latest version, I have to wait anywhere between five seconds and several minutes after I activate the bookmarklet—the browser freezes. It’s usually seconds now, but it has discouraged me from using coComment. Maybe I am just getting tired of commenting as well, frequenting fewer blogs than I used to.

  19. I have to say now I’m back to using Safari, unless I’m on a coco-enabled blog, I don’t bother tracking comments. Not that I make that many anyways, but I just can never remember to hit that damn bookmarklet!

    But you getting tired of commenting?! I never thought I would see the day!

  20. I think it’s like dope addicts not being able to get their fix: they have to go cold turkey. When coComment began taking such a long time to work in Maxthon—and I refuse to switch to Firefox, till they sort out the font compatibility problems—it discouraged me from commenting. Since then, I realized I could live without commenting as much!

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