I think I was a bit of a fool…

Um, help? I think I did something very, very silly on Monday afternoon.

I handed in my notice at work.

I will now be unemployed as of the 30th of June.

And I have no savings thanks to the past four years of university.


Some back-story:
Back at the start of February I started what is my current (soon to be ex) job. It was a temp post and only meant to last a few months at most. Five months later I am still there and starting to climb the walls with frustration – I love the people I work with, but the job does not require someone with two degrees. We’ve finally got the project to where it should have been back in April, so it seems like as good a time as any to go.

My manager took the news wonderfully well, possibly something to do with giving her two weeks notice as opposed to the one we technically have to give – I’d feel bad just leaving them in the lurch – and I got hold of the temp agency to see what fun they had for me now.

Turns out, they don’t have much fun for me at all.

So here I am with no job to go to on the 3rd of July. Not a good feeling, especially when the landlord has this annoying desire to get paid monthly. I’ve applied for a few things, looking into some others, but I have this sinking feeling that I’ll be going back to shop work just so I can pay the bills. Nothing wrong with shop work, just… Thought the whole point of going to University was that they would be throwing great jobs at you once you graduated.

Why does being a grown-up have to be so difficult? *sigh*

You will now all please brainstorm in the comments on how I can start to get the dream job as commissioning editor for a literary publisher with 1) no experience, 2) no qualifications, and 3) staying in Southampton for now. Good luck 😉

I’ve discovered that whilst I can listen to music and be inspired, and I can be at the gym and be inspired, I can’t be at the gym, listening to music, and be inspired all at the same time. I was on the bike this evening and had a great idea for a post whilst listening to Pink, and just kind of ground to a halt because I didn’t want to loose the idea before I had worked through it in my head. I don’t want to have to start taking a notebook to the gym with me…

And no, this post wasn’t the great idea. The great idea has been added to the list with the ten other great ideas that I am working on at the moment 😉

9 thoughts on “I think I was a bit of a fool…

  1. I’m reminded of a song which part of the lyrics goes “…nothing in life would ever come that easy, doesn’t mean it has to be that hard”.

    I wish I could do something to help. But in all my experience of getting jobs, it was always best to take whatever I could get my hands on and leave the rest without expectation. It was always the case of do the best you could do and never forgetting who might be looking.

    Dream jobs that we want come far and few, and more often than not, we have to take the long windy road to it. But at the end of it, assuming that you’re a person that would do what it takes to get the needful things done, everything will be alright in the end. Everything always works out, even if they didn’t work out the way you wanted it to. It’ll all work out. It’s just a matter of seeing how much you can out in your hands.

  2. Thank you both of you 🙂
    I am a great believer in “it’ll be all right on the night” – somehow it will all work out, I am sure. Just right now, it’s really rather scary!
    And no, I won’t be asking to delay my resignation. If I do that, I will turn round and it will be another five months before I start looking for something else. I need the fear to motivate me!

  3. I don’t think you are a fool – yes it is scary but if you feel you have to do it that is what is important. I too took a leap career wise as went back to freelance a few months back. I had a horrendous icky leaving situation due to boss flipping…. that’s another issue. For me, yep I have sod all money at times – but it’s the quality that is important. I admit I am lucky that I have not gone a week without a project and my husband has a nice steady job. But, it’s about doing what feels right and opportunities will pop up if you set your sights on something. As you state fear is a great motivator.

  4. Two words – sugar daddy.

    Seriously though, situations where you put yourself under pressure make you perform. You have put yourself under positive pressure so you will get your job.

    Kind of like going to the gym and posting your “before” photo on the notice board. It’s extra motivation to go everyday, because if you don’t you’ll still be fat AND everyone will know you’re still fat. The desire to post an “after” photo with bulging muscles will be stronger. The impetus to do something is drastically increased and so the likelihood of failure is almost non-existent.

  5. I know people. Ever heard of the Hill Manuscript Library?
    I can always check with the director and see if there’s any opportunities digitally archiving ancient manuscripts for their library.

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