Unplanned server issues

Well that was a little unpleasant.

For those of you who tried to access the blog for most of yesterday but were greeted with “cannot find the server” messages, I apologize. My server provider (Fasthosts) decided to take the day off and go to the beach. Anything on a Fasthost server, including their own site, was down for the count all day.

All is back up now and they claim it was a one-off but… Yes, I am looking into moving servers to something a bit more grown-up and robust. I have a grand master plan but y’all know me and grand master plans. If in the future I have any warning that things are about to go fritz I will give you as much warning as I can. Yesterday kinda took us all by surprise!

Many thanks to RIB at this point for being a being a supreme internet sleuth and finding me the number of their technical support so I could speak to someone real (they annoyingly only publish their support details on their website, which sucks when it’s their own website that is frelled). My apologies also to him for having the misfortune to be at the end of my email tirade!

That’s it. Everything (seems) to be back to normal, so go enjoy yourself. The Sunday Roast is there, as are the archives. Have fun 🙂

6 thoughts on “Unplanned server issues

  1. Sorry. I would have done something about it if I could have. Evil Fasthosts.

    It’s there now for you to enjoy 😀

  2. My cunning master plan involves MediaTemple and a very generous fellow blogger…

    But I have to email aforementioned very generous fellow blogger before I can get around to instigating my cunning master plan, and we all know who crap I am at emailing.

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