Monday Update: week three

Actually on a Monday this time as well! Click the link for the full story goodness…

So it’s all thanks to Alan, but I decided to give the whole special k diet a go.

I started it last Tuesday, or Wednesday (can’t remember exactly which), and it goes as follows:
1 bowl of cereal for breakfast
1 healthy lunch
1 bowl of cereal for dinner
For two weeks.

The lunch and the dinner can be switched around, and are at the weekends, but cereal really doesn’t work as a lunch to have at work. Now my reasonings behind doing this diet when I promised I would never do a diet are… murky… at best. It’s my graduation in a week and a bit (two weeks after the start of the diet) and if I manage to shed a few mm/cm/inches, this is good. It’s not a permanent diet, more a kick-start deal. And it’s hot – I never eat much when it’s hot, and it saves on the washing up in the evening!

So far my experiences have been mixed. The first few days a bowl of cereal just wasn’t enough for dinner, but I gritted my teeth and had a cup of tea instead of snacking. The first couple of mornings were also a bit dodgy as I really don’t like any quantity of milk in the morning as it sits in my stomach and makes me feel icky. I’m settling into things now though, and quite enjoy being able to curl up in the armchair with a bowl of cereal for dinner – the ultimate TV meal!

I’m not eating just Special K either – hello! The fricking stuff is like £2.92 for a teeny box that holds three meals worth! So I do a 3/4 to 1/4 blend of bran flakes and Special K, mixed in with some dried raisins and apricots. With fresh strawberries quartered on top it makes a damn tasty breakfast/supper. Regardless of dieting, this might just see a halt to my slavish devotion to two slices of cold toast in the morning (I hate soggy toast – got to be cold when you put the spread on. Unless you’re having proper homemade white bread toasted with proper butter melted into it, then it’s got to be hot).

On the exercise front, well, I just did the Race for Life, so I can’t feel guilty this week. A 5 km (3 mile) run round the common, with a 2 mile walk to get there and back. That’s more than enough exercise for me, thank you very much!

I’ve not really noticed any changes. Now I’m into week three I feel like I should be, and I’ve thought I might be seeing a slight reduction in ‘junior’ (yes, I named my tummy-bulge), but I have a sneaking feeling that’s wishful thinking. Still, visible results or not, I’m not getting that 2 o’clock slump after lunch that I used to get in the last job – whether that’s to do with the diet, or actually being interested in what I am doing, is another matter.

2 thoughts on “Monday Update: week three

  1. Keep it up! You’re doing great! *other encouraging words* I really do admire anyone who would brave a bowl of cereal that many times in two weeks. Good GAWD. But witht he fruit and all, it sounds delish.
    Think about Body For Life I am eternally grateful to Bill P for writing that book. Maybe one of these days I’ll put up my before and after pics on Flkr. Or not. LOL. Sorry for the plug- I just can’t HELP it- it worked for me so well.
    GOOD ON YOU for the Race!!! I kept meaning to donate money to you run and never got to it. I’m ashamed. Next year, I promise.

  2. My thanks for the encouragement – I haven’t actually been tempted to lapse (yet), though I did have a small binge on rice-crackers yesterday when I got home from work. I know! I was just craving something *not* milky, and the food they provided at the conference I was helping at just wasn’t very filling.

    I’m intrigued by the book – personal recommendations are what I tend to listen to – but I have this mild distaste about diet books/fitness plan books and the like… As I said, intrigued and who knows what will happen with the next paycheck?

    As for the Race for Life – you can still donate up till the end of July, so it’s not too late! (and I will be writing a post to this affect probably today) 😀 I’m late for work so I can’t dig out the link just now, but it’s there on the front page in the sidebar near the top.

    *hint* 😉

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